Problem with the number of pets in PVP

Pet Battles
Tried my first pvp pet battle last night and I was placed against a person with three pets. They were level 15, 14 and 13. I had 14, 13 and a 12. The fights starts and I notice that my level 13 pet is missing. I only had two pets for the battle. The other person wins the fight and when it's over all three of my pets are shown with no obvious problems. Any idea why I was handicapped by having one of my pets removed?
Was it dead before the battle started? If it was, it wouldn't show up in the interface at all.
This happened to me, twice, when trying to battle with my Moonkin Hatchling. The pet wasn't dead before the battle started, it just plain didn't show up. Once I switched it out for a different pet, they all showed up just fine when I started another battle. It's only ever happened that one time with that one certain pet (so far.)

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