[Bug] First Place Valorous Commendation

Bug Report
For the second day in a row, I won first place in the quest "The Sky Race" in the Jade Forest (/gloat). Each time, I was given the item First Place Valorous Commendation, which says "Use: Grants you 15 Valor Points." On clicking, however, I get an error that reads "You already have the maximum amount of honor", which, while a true statement, really shouldn't impact my ability to receive Valor points from this item.

The real kicker with this bug is that the item has a 2 hour duration, so even if it does get fixed at some point, I'm not likely to ever see those valor points! Given that, this bug really should be on the high priority list for fixing ASAP!
Same thing has been happening to me. Capped honor etc. Please fix. Thanks.
I was able to use it, but from I take from it, it should last 2 hours. Instead i used it once got 15 valor and it disapeered?!?!?

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