[A] <Fate> GMT+8 6/6 MSV 25m LF Dps + Heals

A Singaporean based guild representing a new beginning in the realm of US-Frostmourne, our core team as well as our management (Raid leaders and Officers) come from all walks of life, hailing from Singapore, Australia and even the US and have extensive experience, having cleared all Cataclysm content on Heroic while also having experience with all prior end-game content in previous expansions dating back to Original WoW. Our guild environment and raid atmosphere aims to be fun filled and relaxed yet serious when required.

Our raid schedule consist of (3) nights a week at:

11:30pm-2:30am Server Time.
(8:30pm - 11:30pm (SG / Perth Time, GMT +8)) on:


We are, at present, currently seeking players of the following classes :

Druid : 1x Resto, 1x Moonkin
Monk : ALL SPECS - Heals + Dps
Paladin : Holy
Warriors : 1x DPS

Regardless of whether we are full on a class or not, we welcome exceptional and outstanding applicants to apply anyway. We encourage competition within our raiders, and if you feel that you can give our veterans a run for their money, feel free to apply. We will be glad to welcome you to the <Fate> family if you prove that you are capable of beating out our senior raiders.

We may have only recently formed, but we expect the highest standards from not only ourselves, but from our members and potential recruits as well. We are seeking individuals with similar aims and ideals as our own, with the focus on pushing themselves to the best of their abilities and maximize their potential in an effective, organized raid team.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to look for either me, Mitsunagi, Taeyeonqtpie, or any of the officers available online.

Come visit us at our webpage at: http://www.fate-guild.net
ugly worgen
no need of priest holy / shadow?
sorry were currently full in all specs in the priest department
Combat rogue interested.
Were currently full in the rogue position atm unless you can prove to us you deserve a spot in our main roster
Is this the only Hiro/Pixie raid?
Was meant to say 'old'**
b u m p ~

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