Kil'Jaeden Alliance/Horde PvP Guilds & FAQ

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To anyone who is looking to join a Horde or Alliance PvP guild on KJ, please look here first. Please leave comments if your guild needs to be added and I will update it as changes are needed. KJ is a large server and PvP guilds come and go, so if you know that any of the guilds listed have disbanded, please say so and I will contact IGC's for the guild to clarify before removing the info from this post. Also, I ask for everyone on both sides to leave the trolling out of this thread, it would really be appreciated.

Reference links:'jaeden_US

[Name] Huge in Japan
[Focus] Arena, RBGs, PvE
[Reqs] Have a positive attitude!
[IGC] Maen
[Name] Ruinous/Rhuin/Ruin
[Focus] WPvP, competitive RBGs, Arena
[Reqs] Allows all to trial member (improvement expected, bad attitude towards guild members gets you gkicked), RBG members selected at team leader discrepancy
[IGC] Hazda
[Name] Schwarzenegger Will BRB
[Focus] WPvP, Arenas, RBG's, Casual PvP, Casual PvE
[Reqs] Vent and Mic, Full Current Season Gear, 85's with their Alts are welcome.
[IGC] Keylogthis, Katstyle, Bebbit
[Name] Horde Extinction <HEX>
[Focus] Arena, RBGs, occasional wPvP.
[Reqs] 4k resil. Knowledge of your class, positive attitude for all aspects.
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Xlogik, Pevy, Krahyst, Ceilx.
[Name] Reign/Reígn.
[Focus] WPVP, RBGs, Arenas, Raid Progression.
[Reqs] Level 85 for Reign. No Reqs for Reígn.
[Site] N/A
[ICG] Neuromercury, Thriius, Wednesdai, Druím, Andarose.
[Name] The Rising
[Focus] Arena, RBGs (Have a core PvE group as well)
[Reqs] Accepting all skill levels
[IGC] Tugandrub, Llethe, Tukaykrit, Rubandtug

[Name] Gank My Alt Meet My Main
[Focus] Random BGs, some Arena
[Reqs] Casual PvP
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Wickedpally (GM), any online member
[Name] Mal Intent
[Focus] RBG's (wed 5pm, weekends vary), WPvP, Arena, minor PvE
[Reqs] No Projects, Must have appropriate gear level, experience, and thoroughly understand class. Need Prot Warrior, Boomkin, Disc Priest, Sub Rogue, mages/locks may apply. All exceptional applicants are welcome
[IGC] Makkir, Turc, Deivas
[Name] Requiem
[Focus] RBG's, Arenas, Premades, WPvP
[Reqs] Full current season CP gear with full enchants/gems, 1750 arena rating.
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Darkdk, Thedivine, Archanon, Papaxsmash
[Name] Konys Kids
[Focus] WPvP, Arena, BGs
[Reqs] Enjoy PvP and be halfway friendly
[IGC] Healulmao, Poonkitty, Tazers, Fearulol, Starjager
[Name] The Blades
[Focus] RBGS, Arena,Wpvp
[Reqs] Good attitude- activity
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Westwar (or any toons with West in the front), Darklove, Ruffes, Peekz
[Name] Vox
[Focus] World PVP, RBGs (for now)
[Req] Full ruthless and gem/ench/reforge (for now)
[IGC] Dnasis, Silethia, Vorinth
[Name] Ghost Warriors
[Focus] WPVP, RBGs, Arena, Having fun pvping
[Reqs] Want to kill Alliance
[ICG] Dorkmus, Scarié for questions, anyone can invite.
PvP Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are the BG wins balanced?
A- I think this question is hard to answer because it depends on how much you run BG's. As you're probably aware, all of the Battlegroups have been merged; however, you will commonly see more people from your own Battlegroup than others. Our Battlegroup has some of the better PvP servers in it, the players being (overall) split pretty evenly through Horde/Alliance. The chances of you running into decent players on either side are pretty fair, so (like any other BG on any other server) the chance of your team winning is close to 50/50.

Q- How are the queues?
A - The trend that seems to be throughout every Battlegroup is that both Alliance and Horde have short queues. I personally have dealt with the same amount of queue time as Horde on a tiny server as I have on KJ, so being on this server makes no difference. Try to re-queue each time your wait time passes the average wait time, I have found this usually helps. Be aware that less people will be queuing at the start of an expansion, so the queue times will be longer for both sides.

Q - Are there any good Rated BG teams on this server?
A - Yes. There are a lot of PvP guilds on this server, some of them with a strong focus on Rated BG's. Do some of your own research for this one. Look at the guilds and select people throughout the roster. Look at their Rated BG rating, see if you fit the requirements to join and talk to someone. Another good place to check out the ratings is

Q - How is the world PvP here?
A - If you plan to level alts, they will get ganked often. If you're out farming whatever materials, someone will more than likely start a fight with you. If you glance through our forums, you will see various threads talking about world PvP that happened. Horde gets their cities raided pretty frequently, Alliance cities not so much. With the inclusion of Cross-realm Zones now, there is an even larger chance of WPvP starting in random locations. The balance between Horde/Alliance is pretty even, with the Horde coming out on top by a slight amount.

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