Golden carp?

Does anybody know where to fish these at?

I've looked at wowhead, pretty poor as advice to give it. The arbor in jade forest doesnt seem to give it, tried it about 20 times only got junk. Haven't found any pools for these either
What is your fishing skill at? I am pretty sure I have fished them up in various jade forest inland bodies of water. I don't believe they are found in pools though so you have to have your skill high enough to not just get grey junk.
I use the following:

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat (make sure to use the click effect)
Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole

I just fish in the river right next to the quest giver (fishing skill about 540 atm before buffs and enhancements) and have only caught junk twice and golden carps are about 60 - 75% of the catches.
Inland open water. No pools. Minimum skill level (to catch no junk) anywhere in Pandaria is 625. For a quick guide to skill levels, check out For anything else fishy, iz the biz. Wowhead's usually good, too.
I have got them virtually everywhere just open water.
Must just be my skill level, as you know I'm a monk so obviously that wasn't something I wanted to level.

Thanks guys I know what to do now
where do u get that at the fishing pole?
Carp Carp. This is the "trash" fish of this expansion, as well it should be. Carp are a noxious pest in many areas, and breed like rabbits.
I find them in the karasang wilds.. I don't know what could i cook up with them?
The only recipes they are used for is the catch up low level recipes from MoP. Once you get into the actual MoP range of cooking (450+), they are no longer useful.

BTW please pay attention to post dates. This thread is from 4 years ago when MoP was new, which is why people were still looking for things. It is better to start a new thread than add on to such an old one. Bumping old threads can bring old information which may now be incorrect up to the top where people can read it and be confused.
I JUST got my fishing poll and leaned how to fish and this is ALL I seem to be able to catch, I need sugar minnows damn it!

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