Let's talk about mages.

So I know Blizzard loves mages and everything, but at the moment mages are just retarded. I normally don't QQ about classes; I was perfectly fine when I couldn't touch a mage because of novas and stuff.. But going 100-0 in one deep freeze is a whole new level of dumb.

In b4 you should trinket.. or the baddie mages that don't know what they're doing say their class is fine.

Suggested Nerf: Leave everything the way it is, I don't really care, but make Frostbomb go off after like 6-7 seconds so I doesn't go off in the Deep Freeze they casted before they even applied it.
This is the better thread.

It's very informative.
This is the better thread.

It's very informative.

Bro dont try, Someone from blizzard's a big guy is playing a mage.
I'm inclined to wait to see how it plays out when resilience and higher health pools are involved.

But without dispels keeping mages in check (or at least severely nerfed), I'm a bit leary about how powerful mages are going to be. They have so many things you really need to dispel (now frostbomb too) that it's going to be extremely hard to deal with them during those windows between dispels when they know they can burst freely into a deep/frostbomb or get a longish duration poly off.

That's my concern, but it's a bit early for the torches and pitchforks. Nobody has any resil or pvp gear really.

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