[BUG] UI bug talking to vendors with recipes

Bug Report
Talking to any vendor with recipes causes the tooltip for the first recipe they have in the window to show up in the top left corner of the screen, and stays even when you close the sale window, the only way to get rid of it is to talk another vendor that doesn't sell any recipes. Also, if there are no recipes on their first page it doesn't happen, but when you move to the page that does have recipes the same thing happens. On vendors with multiple pages of recipes the corner tooltip will change to the first one of the page you are on.

I first noticed this with Suja, the cooking supply person in Orgrimmar, I cleared the tooltip by talking to Borstan next to her, talking with the cooking trainer did not clear it. To test the multiple page one, I talked to Tamar, the Orgrimmar leatherworking supply person. For his I could clear the tooltip by going back to the first page of items, which doesn't have recipes.
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Did a search and still no one else has posted, blues please look into this and other people, please post if this happens to you too! It happens to all of my characters at every vendor that sells recipes.
happening to me also. tried to disable some addons. nothing yet. gonna have to disable one at a time to figure it out
Happening to me as well - recipe stays in corner unless you talk to another vendor that don't have recipes or I have to log to get rid of it

you all may find these threads useful:

"Disable your mods before reporting a bug"

"How to Write a Good Bug Report"

Essentially, you'll have to disable all of your addons and then post here again if the problem persists.

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