Clicking noise: Brand new $1,200 MSI laptop

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Sigh. I just bought this laptop:

I noticed a random clicking noise after it had been on for a little while. It came from the left side of the laptop. I turned it off, then back on last night a few hours later and played and sure enough after a bit it started doing it again and didn't stop. So I think it starts when it gets hot and doesn't stop.

I just now powered it on and it isn't making the clicking noise right now, but it probably will again since it has both times I have powered it on before.

Is this the hard drive?

I have never bought anything online from anywhere unless it had a local presence and the first time I do this happens. :(

Any ideas? Is there diagnostic software to find out what might be doing this?
Okay after an hour of being on the clicking started again.

I am going to request a return from Newegg.


Apparently it is the hard drive. I have read other forums that have talked about it and it is a known thing and apparently it is normal for the hard drive to have the soft clicking. Someone developed software to make it go away so I guess I will look at that.

I downloaded crystaldiskinfo and ran a test and it shows the hard drive as totally healthy and temp is hovering at 39-40 Celsius.
"Healthy" isn't describing the physical state. It is very likely that your hard drive is near dying.

See- "Click of death."
Yeah, I was worried about that, but after doing some searching around I found a few threads that have had a discussion about this noise and they all reference a program that stops it.

This is one of the threads I found discussing it:

And this is the page that provides the software to stop it:

The explanation is:

The click sound is produced by the Seagate hard drive of my eeePC 1000H (Seagate ST9160827AS).
When idle, the drive wants to park the heads because the Advanced Power Management (APM) of the hard drive is activated by default every time the drive motor spins up after suspend. This APM park feature produces the really annoying sound.

Now, whenever the system starts, wakes up from suspend or hibernate the drives APM is activated. The click sound comes back again and again.

This little tool just sits in the sys-tray and will recognize when the system wakes up from suspend or hibernate and disable the drives APM feature. That's all.

I downloaded this program and ran it, and sure enough the clicking stopped and hasn't come back.

Should I be concerned about this? I'm thinking I am fine, and requesting an exchange would be pointless because it sounds like this brand of hard drive does this.

Like I said, it stopped after loading the software.

It's just a silly feature on the drive. With that gone, it should be OK.
10/01/2012 11:06 AMPosted by Kalganized
It's just a silly feature on the drive. With that gone, it should be OK.

Okay great, thank you Kalganized.

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