MoP Darkmoon Cards: Unbalanced requirements.


This post is written in the hopes Ghostcrawler or someone of equal capacity will read it and take note.

Currently, the material requirements for the Darkmoon Card of Mists requires 10 Starlight Ink, 1 Light Parchment and 1 Scroll of Wisdom.

For those of you who don't know, a Scribe can create one Scroll of Wisdom per day, as it is on a 24 hour cooldown.

With this simple material cost, Scribes are rendered unable to create their own decks without having to resort to purchasing Cards they miss themselves, meaning those that wish to make their own decks (like myself) are completely denied the opportunity. Furthermore, you are unable to purchase Scrolls of Wisdom as they are a Bind on Pickup to the character that makes them.

This restriction is not only unfair, but I believe detrimental to the profession as a whole. I take no issue with the Epic staff material costs involving these Scrolls for they are powerful items. However, I do object most strongly at the Card recipes requiring their use as the item you create can and often is part of a deck you are not trying to create, but often a duplicate of one you already have.

Please remove this very restrictive material cost and, if you deem it necessary, put in a new one that can be purchased from other people. The Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm cards (Card of the North and Card of Destruction) had a very good system. They required the parchment, the ink and Eternal Life and Volatile Life respectively.

Thank you for your consideration. I also request anyone who feels similarly to keep this post near the top of the page, so that those in a position to correct this heinous system are better able to see it.
I'm ok with this. I feel it's a good roadblock to make Inscription items more valuable.

Their are ways around this restriction. Personally, upon hearing of the scrolls being BoP, I made four additional scribes so I could have a little Darkmoon Card crafting army. It's really pretty cheap if you have the spare profession slots available on a level 80+ character.

The alternative is bartering. Even without that cooldown, the odds of making that *one* card you need is pretty low, so offering a trade or sale is a far more cost effective option. During early Cataclysm, when everybody was making these cards, this held true without the cooldown. Everybody was barking in trade chat looking to trade cards.

Just look upon this as a way to make what you craft more valuable. Without the cooldown the market would be quickly flooded and these cards would be worthless very fast. With the roadblock in place, I expect the decks to sell for a mint. If anything, I think it hurts the non-scribes the most.
The problem I have with it is cards in Wrath and Cataclysm were already expensive. The card cost in MoP is extremely prohibitive and even then good luck getting a deck you want.
Honestly, I think it's costing me less to make cards this expansion than it did in Cataclysm.

Herbs are selling for about half what they were in early Cataclysm on my server, and I don't need a bunch of Volatile Life (or an equivilent) to make a card.

The Ink of Dreams are getting unwieldy, but this is only temporary until the Ink Trader gets upgraded in a week or two.
Leveling multiple characters with the same profession is not a good solution in order to be able to craft efficiently. The profession needs to be able to do that on its own.

Comparing the cost of the Wrath and Cataclysm decks against the economy that was prevalent at that time proves that they were already valuable. They do not need to be made more expensive by implementing a 'You can craft one card per day.' mechanism.

This needs to be changed immediately. The volatile life system was infinitely superior to this current incarnation.
If your concern is crafting for yourself, a single scribe is plenty. If you use your cooldown each day, odds are pretty good you'll have your deck or just be a card or two shy.

In that case, you're going to have a bunch of cards available to sell or trade for what you need. Even with one scribe you stand to profit quite a bit. Say you're looking to make a Cranes deck, and you get a few Tigers cards. Just sell 'em. Believe me, you're going to end up ahead on gold, and you will also get the deck you want in time for the Faire. It costs me 1k-1.5k in herbs to make a card and the cheapest of them I don't see for below 3000g. That cost will only come down when the Ink Trader is upgraded.

Without the cooldown in Cataclysm, I was still buying and selling cards like crazy to complete decks, and my main concern was making a Tsunami and Volcano deck for my two main characters. RNG is a pain that way. Anything else was simply a bonus.
It's not just about outfitting my characters, which consist of Mage, Druid, Warrior and DK, but it's also about turning a profit.

Decks were an excellent way to make gold. It should continue to be so. We have Enchanter/Jewelcrafter combo's making a killing, and Alchemists putting out steady cashflow. Scribes should be able to compete.

Your entire argument, Wynn, is based on some notion that by removing the cooldown the value would drop.

You are mistaken.

Experience in Wrath and in Cataclysm shows that it was worth making decks and selling them. All without a restrictive cooldown.
Wynn, no offense but I almost feel like you're a Blizzard employee. This system is the most restrictive system for any profession there is (I have them all maxed). Not only is there the throttle of the scrolls being one per day but then you throw in the chances of duplicate cards (I have 3 duplicates already) and random decks proccing and then the ultimate throttle of the DMF being one week a month and it becomes a ridiculous amount of time for these decks. I could be not recalling correctly but I can think of no other money-making profession where the premiere money maker is this restricted and RANDOM. If a tailor needs cloth for gear he doesn't say "man I hope I get lucky and proc the 1/32 different kinds of cloth I need. This needs adjusting now.
I do not believe I am mistaken. My knowledge of economics is limited, I admit, but it's pretty well known that as availability increases, the price decreases.

I'm going to use my AH as an example (since that's the only one I'm familiar with).

It takes me about 20 stacks of herbs to make a single card. I can buy herbs for anywhere between 60-100g a stack. Average is about 80g. That's about 1600g for one card. Ink of Dreams are getting put away for later use, so the cost will decrease dramatically in a week or two with the Ink Trader change....cost then will be...maybe half that.

Right now, for each deck, the prices for single cards range from
Cranes: 5k-25k
Tigers: 9k-19k
Serpents: 8k-18k
Oxen: 2.5k-12k

I have seen people in trade offering up to 30k for a single card unavailable on the AH.

So you're looking at a minumum of 1k profit, with potentially 28k in profit off a few minutes of work each day, and this is off single cards. Typically, especially early in the expansion the decks and trinkets sell for more than the sum of their parts. That is a very healthy profit.

By comparison, an alchemist on my server would gain about 1200g profit for a single Living Steel bar, without a proc. Even with a x4 proc, your scribe is likely to do better.

I really think, compared to other professions, we come out ahead here, both in gold and in convenience of using our trade.
im not thrilled about the CD but it really isnt that bad.

I dont think they ever intended 1 person to make their own deck, or to make many decks to sell and this change reflects that.

You had like 10 days to the start of the fair, 17 till the end of it. that's up to 17 cards you can have, you can easily trade to get your deck.
QQ I can only make 10k gold a day for pressing a button.
You can always do what Im doing... spam trade offering to "buy" a scribes Scroll for 500-1kg using your ink. Ive already managed to put together an Ox Deck and almost a full Tiger Deck.
It took me almost a 100 cards to make one deck in cataclsym. It's all about luck. The first deck I made in cata was the worse one, the Earthquake deck. I'm thinking the same thing will happen. The scrolls of wisdom make it impossible to grind for darkmoon cards. I"m going to make my three toons darkmoon cards, but I'm going to have to charge more than I did in cata for single cards. I don't like the fact that I'm going to have to chose between making the staffs, offhands or darkmoon cards. Why would any inscriptionist who wants darkmoon cards make those staffs or offhands. It's a shame.

I hated how alchemists in cata could control what volatiles they made by going to the correct zone, yet scribes had a 1/32 chance of getting the card they needed. Should have matched the zones with a type of card so scribes had a 1/8 chance at least. Zones in MOP should have been matched with a type of card to decrease the grief of doubles or not getting the card type you need. yes you can sell or trade, but with the one week time frame if you cant get the one you need you are screwed.
The issue is that the price of these decks and cards is going to be SO extreme, that the cost will 100% overpower the worth of the trinket. They're only ilvl 476.
i dont think the price will go up that much, maybe the first fair, but after that... there's only so much gold people have and are willing to spend on anything. Past 20k you just lose most of your potential customers. Also the costs of the mats are less than in the past. Comparative to cata the mats would have been 10starlight ink and like 10 golden lotus.
Honestly they need to add a SoH no CD route to create it. Then it would be in-line with most of the other profs with their day-long-CDs
I must be reading this wrong you seem to be saying that because you can't make unlimited cards a day you are imbalanced. Let me introduce you to imperial silk and the the BoE cloth epics.

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