Whats the Fastest way to level multiple pets?

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just having trouble leveling multiple pets and was hoping someone could advise me. Currently i just grind nearest creatures near a stable master and heal them after every 1 or 2 fights. is there anything else faster?

also is there any sites that maps out pet "types" such as flying/aquatic/elemental....ect along with level zone
One of the things I did in order to level quicker and get the pets I was after was kind of cheesy, but it worked. It generally works best with a Green or Crimson whelpling because of their ability for sustain. Their stats and skillsets are nice enough that I can easily solo a pack of 3 pets 2 levels above me, catch whatever I want with no issue. So basically I ran around with an underleveled whelpling taming spawns higher level than me to easily clear a zone of it's pets, this'd level my green whelp high enough for the next zone.

Sometimes it's just luck...I got a level 22 scourged whelpling with all level 16 on my second try.
I'm compiled several handy links in the FAQs, Links, Macros, and Addons thread.


Two of most interest to you:
http://www.wowhead.com/map#- Interactive wowhead map of all pets in zones

http://wowpetaddiction.blogspot.com/2012/09/zones-by-pet-level.html#more Perks and Peeves listing of all pet levels by zone
You can also put a fawn or gazelle on your team. Those types of pets have a self heal and a group heal. You'll still be running back to the stable master, but not nearly as much.
Level 6 pets. Switch them around when they get damaged. Fight enemies 1-2 levels lower than you. By the time your whole stable gets too damaged, the 8 minute cooldown should be up.
Fastest way to level pets that I've found so far is to capture wild pets at approximately the same level as your highest 2-3 pets. Starting at higher levels is much faster than leveling through them.

You can also power level a lower level pet by letting a higher level pet(s) do most of the fight and swapping in the low level for a turn or two. I usually do the swap for the killing blow and use a damage reduction or healing ability the turn before that will transfer onto the low level pet. Typically the low level pet will gain more xp than the high level pet, even if the low level pet only did 5 to 10 % of total damage. This breaks down a bit with very large level gaps where a high level enemy pet can kill your low level pet with one or two hits.

It also helps to engineer a team where your pet types and abilities really outclass the opposing pets. That way you can hit equal or higher level teams with a good chance of winning and getting the difficulty based bonus xp. In some cases the bonus xp is almost as much as the regular xp.
I'm compiled several handy links in the FAQs, Links, Macros, and Addons thread.


Two of most interest to you:
http://www.wowhead.com/map#- Interactive wowhead map of all pets in zones

http://wowpetaddiction.blogspot.com/2012/09/zones-by-pet-level.html#more Perks and Peeves listing of all pet levels by zone

That was exatcly what i needed sorry for the delay :( just did a challenge mode :) Thanks btw xoxo.

And thanks to everyone else who helped aswell :)
I'm a little annoyed we have no option to level just one pet at a time. That way you could avoid battling pet teams that some require (that's what soaks up time). I don't know if it's a bug or intended, but I can't make the other slots empty. Overall I love it though and it's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
The healing pets can often go 8 minutes. Small Frog is quite good.

It also pays to pick the pet to match the type of wild pet you are about to attack. Peddlefeet was grinding quite nicely on all the critter-type battle pets in Redridge because he takes a third less damage from critters.
i found an easy way to power lvl lower lvl pets. if your pet is lvl 1 go to a lvl 6-8 zone and just get a lvl 10 to kill them until they are low enough so that your lvl 1 can kill them in 1 turn then just pass until your lvl 10 dies and then switch out to your lvl 1 kill the lvl 6-8 wild and get tons of exp

this only works for power lvling low levels and works best if you have tons of rares that are always 1-2 lvl higher than the zone you are training your low level in that way its optimal lvling

edit: in matches that have 2-3 wilds per battle it does not matter that your low lvl did not hit the other wilds that got killed as long as it gets the killing blow than it gets to hoard all the exp. I was getting 300+ experience for lvl 1s pretty OP
i was power lvling my lvl 4 cheetah cub against lvl 12-14 wilds with this strategy. Also note that there are tons of beasts and critters out there so the best two high lvl pets to carry around is a mechanical and a beast that way u can destroy the wilds
The fastest way I found to level my pets is through the initial quest lines (Go defeat 'X' trainer). Once this was done or i got stalled on a trainer with pets that were of too high level, I would go and tame critters of high level and then battle two of these critters (with my favorite pet as the 3rd). Letting the two high level critters to die (after letting the shred the critter teams) and leave my 3rd desired to land the final killing blow to end the matches and gain in the process 3 times the normal XP associated with a fight. I found that if you completed the quest lines you received many 'Battle Pet Bandage' which heals and resurrects your whole team. This very much assists this process with requires the death of part of your team.

Notes to Remember:

Q: Want to defeat a trainer but his pets are too high a level?
A: Use your current pets to tame above your pets current levels. Remember to always check your pet book for what pets are strong against other (Eg. Humans will give dragons a beat down) Here is a link for pet strengths:


Q: I don't want to share battle XP with certain pets in using:
A: If you let that particular pet die mid battle he wont gain any XP and the other 2 or 1 (depending on how many die) will get the entire share of the XP. If you use this method against a trainer you can complete entire levels for 1 pet in a single battle.

Q: Why is my pet of the same type losing to my friends pet really badly?
A: Pets have 'Rarity' when they are being tamed poor, common, uncommon or rare. The more rare the pets are the higher their health, speed and damage.

Q: I tamed a pet and it lost health and levels?:
A: Catching any pet level 15 or under retains its current level.
Catching a level 16-20 pet will lose 1 level.
Catching a level 21-25 pet will lose 2 levels.
To level an initial pet to 25, tamers primarily is the way to go. Though the fastest way to get that initial 25 is to simply 'catch your way up', get a 24 (will become 22), then level it 3 times.

After that, pet swapping against wild pets 22 and above.

I'm going at a rate of 3 pets to 25 a day (of varying initial level), and don't have a problem with levelling being too slow - because I'm using this method.

Technically the last few Azeroth tamers and above can yield more xp for your non-25 pets, but all that travel compared to fighting wilds constantly in Vale, Dread Wastes or Townlong... I just don't see it being more efficient.
Say you are level 13 with 3 pets and you can have 3 pets of the same type, you can release all poor type pet, and battle the area to get a rare or uncommon to build the 3 pet limit.

Say you are flying over an area that has a higher level pet of the type you currently have in storage, then before battle; release a pet for the room needed to trap the new one.
re-peat, re-peat, re-peat.

When in battle, and before the first exchange of battle, look for higher values of pet numbers; like I would pick an opponents higher value Flayer for example over another Flayer that was in the opposite team, it has a better chance to be un-common or rare.

Check the levels of the Opponents pets before accepting into a battle, like with a Master trainer; leave and build to that level or above.

If by chance you are grinding your pets level and not accepting Master trainer challenges, and you have, lets say built your pets to level 20, then afterward if you then fight a master trainer that is a level 18 then any trainers below that level are easier to battle or win against, and the points are just that much sweeter.

Remember that in Master battles you don't get to keep a built to the hilt killing machine the Master trainer brings to fight you, get rid of that mentality and fight to win. Try to use all the skills a pet can use before a battle or a Master battle; it pays to study.

Learn by your mistakes and read your opponents pets skills; two spiders don't always use the same skills.
I just take 2 low level pets, stick a 25 as my third, go to a 24 lvl pet zone, have my low level pet make the first move, then stick my lvl 25 in to finish off the 3 battle pets. You can get lvl 1's to 10 in 15 min, and within the hour your low level pets will be in the 20's. I use a Snow Cub as my 25, bc the devour ability (big heal) allows him to keep going without rarely visiting a stable master.
A bit of a necro here, but I use my darkmoon zeppelin and baneling, which are both able to sacrifice themselves in return for massive damage, to level one pet at a time. I usually lead with my zeppelin and lay down a Decoy. I then pull out my leveling pet and let it hide behind the decoy for a single turn. Then it's back to the zeppelin until either it's too low on health to continue or the last opposing pet is low on health. Then I blow the zeppelin. If it looks the zeppelin can't finish by itself, I blow it early and bring out my baneling to finish, having it sacrifice itself at the end. That way the leveling pet gets all the XP. I normally do this around Halfhill, which has a stable master and many wild pets. It works on some of the tamers as well, though beyond Outland it starts getting tricky. I can go from 1 to 25 in a couple hours this way.

I've also used just the zeppelin with two leveling pets, but it's not faster. The bouts take longer, are riskier, and covering two pets with Decoys takes an extra turn that could have been used fro DPS. And, of course, the XP is split.
Have a higher level pet in your team, and 2 lower level pets (much lower) just enough to swap in for a turn, get hit, and swap out.

That works really well, since they get huge exp bonuses. Also it's nice to have a bear do this, since they can hibernate and sustain themselves really well if opponents are lower level.
I found this power lvl method recently. Basically its similar to the way that some people posted above.

I use Darkmoon Zepplin and Pet Bombling (its still on its way to 25) to carry my low lvl pets. The grinding spot is Krasarang Wilds (Thunder Cleft since I'm Horde) because there's a stable master nearby. Most of the wild pets here are "beast" so "mechanical" pets have advantage.

I open up with my Zepplin and kill the first two pets. On the 3rd wild pets, I put my low lvl pet in, get hit once by the opponent, then switch back to Zepplin. I finish up with "explode".

Since my Zepplin is dead when the battle finish, my low lvl pet receives full exp (count as solo'ing the whole 3 wild pets). It gives me around 700~ exp per battle.

The down side of this method is that you have to visit stable master after every fight. But its fine because the stable master is just 20 yards away.

I'm planning to use Pet Bombling to carry my low lvl as well. So, my Zepplin use "explode" to finish 1st battle and I can use Pet Bombling for my 2nd battle. This way, I only need to visit stable master after 2 fights.

If anyone has any suggestion, please don't hesitate to reply. Hope this helps.
i saw a video on youtube about leveling 3 battle pets from 1-25 in an hour and the website is finally up and running so i might check that out.

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