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You realize people can.. hmm, buy a run from a guild and get those items, right?

I don't like it when top guilds sell mounts and gear from raids because it trivialize the work people still working on those fights are doing, but it's life.. so is the BMAH.
I've been against the BMAH selling current tier gear since I've heard about it before MoP went live.

While I am still not too comfortable with the idea of NPCs selling heroic raid gear and it's effects on progression after seeing it on live for a few months I've got to say I've changed my mind.

I think the value of the gear on the BMAH as a gold sink outweighs it's negative effects on the progression race.
The real question should be why the BMAH doesn't ever sell any caster pieces (that one healing item that was on sale that one time doesn't count). Every time I go there, it's always some mail PVP piece or some mail/leather/plate heroic piece or some agi ring amongst the useless pets.

Regardless though, if there's one thing WOTLK GDKPs taught me, it's that I'll never spend that much money on an item (even if it was a heroic DFO) when the next tier will have something better.
Lol. So people are QQ about typically a singular item every now and again showing up on the BMAH, which only one person can buy, and typically gets bid up to 100k+ levels on active servers?

Who. Cares.

Unless the guy is some WoW Rockefeller, their gold reserves will be quickly depleted, which will prevent them from chain buying everything expensive. I understand the epeen factor, but get over yourselves ;p It's not like some guy is clicking a button and getting a full heroic raid level outfit.
I see the heroic raiders screaming about how it's diminishing their achievement. No - it's not. Anyone worth a damn that even cares about how you got your gear checks what your progression is. Honestly - is it really THAT important to segregate yourselves from those that don't run the heroic content? Is it really THAT important to have your heroic gear? Please - I respect a lot of heroic raiders for the time and effort they put in, but honestly, if you care THAT much about being the special snowflake, you should honestly look into another more productive way to spend your time. It's just a game people, really. Calm down. As to the argument that one heroic piece affects an entire guild's progression? Gtfo - whatever you're smoking, I'm sure everyone here wants it. Getting your holy paladin heroic bracers is in ZERO way going to affect your progression. OUR ROGUE HAS HEROIC BMAH BOOTS - GOIN FOR WORLD FIRSTS HOMIES. For real.
The only thing that sucks is having a guild like Exodus on your server and they buy nearly every single item no matter how much people try to beat them.

For a while they actually were buying items all on the same character just so other guids wouldn't be able to.

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