Tooltip conjured food macro?

In Pandaria Conjure Refreshment and Conjure Refreshment Table make 2 diferents items. Here is waht i want to do: I want to create a macro that shows the tooltip of the item you have in your bag and use it when you click it. For example, if i only have Conjured Mana Pudding in my bag, the macro would show the Conjured Mana Pudding icon and tooltip. But, if i go to raid and make a table the macro would change the item icon and tooltip to Conjured Mana Buns automatically.
I tryed many diferents macros with a friend with no success...

Any help to do the macro would be great :)
I have a better idea: Since Tables now require 0 people, take no materials, have a 1 minute cooldown, and can even be made instant using PoM, why not just never do conjure food, and just make tables, even when solo?

At least, that's what I do :)

A better way would be for blizzard to not be silly and go back to the Cata/Lich King model where both the spells made the same foods.

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