First warrior professions help please

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Jus created my first warrior wanna know which professions I should pick up for tanking please and thank you
09/30/2012 03:46 AMPosted by Coldblodded
Jus created my first warrior wanna know which professions I should pick up for tanking please and thank you

You could have just fixed your old thread to say what you meant, or made another post in your original thread with this correction. You didn't need to make a completely different thread for this.

As for your question, it was answered in the prior thread of yours, that's the same advice we give regardless of the class/spec asking. But for a bit more explanation as to why the regulars here typically suggest that:

When you are just starting out, any 2 of the gathering professions will do best (mining, skinning, herbalism). Not only do you get lots of gold for selling what you pick up on the Auction House, you also get a decent chunk of xp from each creature you kill, ore you mine, and herb you pick.

Once you get to level cap, THEN you can worry about the bonus stats each profession gives, and the crafting professions usually have the best bonuses, so you're likely going to want 2 of those to really make the most of it. BUT crafting professions are expensive to level. Even if you can manage to not constantly run yourself broke by leveling crafting professions while you level your character, you will still be short on many of the larger expenses you'll encounter later in the game.

Professions can be unlearned and replaced with a different profession as many times as you want (each time you switch, you'll have to level it from scratch), so it's best to take 2 gathering professions, sell everything on the Auction House. Then when you are at level cap and need all the optimal stat boosting you can get AND you have tons of coin and quick ways to get more, you can sink all the gold you need to into leveling your crafting professions.
The problem with crafting professions tends to be that in order to make level appropriate gear, you soon need raw materials from zones that are too high for you to safely gather them in. Toons that primarily level through dungeons usually fall way... way behind in their gathering professions that supply the raw mats.

The recommendation from regulars in this forum is that the first/primary/highest level toon for a given faction should have two gathering professions. This has two advantages; The first being a steady source of income and the second being a source of materials for other toons with crafting professions.

Think of professions as being collective professions- across all the toons for a server faction rather than as individual toon professions.

If I were you, I'd level up mining on that Hunter and roll the Warrior with mining/blacksmithing. Let the Warrior level mining as he quests but use the mining from the Hunter to make sure the Warrior levels their blacksmithing fast enough to keep pace with their toon level.
Personally? If you are looking for stats mining is gonna be your friend as it does add a nice Stam buff for you. If you are looking for gear from a profession such as Blacksmithing, don't. It is a massive pain in the butt to level and only a couple of items are really worth even having vs what you will get from dungeon runs. Further if you are questing and running dungeons frequently you will very quickly out level those profession items that took alot of time to finally create. If you are looking for a profession that makes questing / dungeons easier then go Alchemy / Herb as you can never have too many heals / buffs. And lastly if you are looking for money then my opinion is Scribe / Enchanting / Jewelcrafting are your heavy hitters as virtually everyone will need / want these effects.

For your first toon however? I'd strongly recommend Mining and Skinning. The passive + stam & + crit are never bad and you don't have to "use" them to get the effect, and the money is good from selling your raw materials on the auction house. Besides many crafters will work cheap if you can say "Hey make xxx item for me, I already have all of the mats (materials)!" and members of your guild will frequently offer crafting services for free under such conditions.

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