The "SYMBIOSIS needs to be changed" thread

  • It has absolutely no use outside of groups. It's the only spell I know of that behaves that way. Perhaps letting it be cast on enemies for a minor spell that can be used while out soloing/doing dailies would help.
  • 5.5 second cast time. I can't count the times I go to cast this and someone goes into combat, then it fails. Does it really need a long cast time? Asking people to wait is unpleasant for all involved. Especially since you need to wait to figure out who you want to cast it on, either for your benefit or maybe to benefit the healer/tank.
  • Cant be cast in combat. Related to above. I think I know why this is, the developers dont want us changing which spell we get in boss fights to give us an advantage. Maybe a medium cooldown like 15 minutes or so would be better. Some people prefer to chain pull instances for faster runs. This doesn't give us the opportunity we need to cast.
  • Moonkin Spells. There's only 1 spell we receive that aids our DPS and that's the mage's Mirror Image spell. The other's vary by situation but I feel are pretty useless outside of PvP. Tanks get a few spells for tanking, feral and resto also get multiple spells to help them in their specialization.
  • The recipient. Most are unaware that they get a spell or even where to find it. Sometimes our spellbooks like like a blur when we're in a hurry. I have to tell them which spell they got and most of the time, how to find it. Maybe a nice pop-up similar to the special abilities button for boss fights could help.
Agree definitely with the "Recipient", "Group", and "Cast Time" 100%. The other two while being a nice convenience I think those were the intended design choices for a reason.
That being said, I could see it being really cool in groups. Having life grip in a raid setting could be extremely useful, and I am sure another healer would make use of the healy shrooms.
The cast time is too long. Usually the tank starts pulling before you can cast.
Altering it to 'instant out of combat, 10s cast in combat' and giving it DPS abilities would make me happy....but I am more set on the instant part.

Beta warrior Recklessness would fit well with the 3m moonkin CD's
No change needed except maybe cast time.

Symbiosis is the best thing to come to this game.
Thank you Blizzard
Best thing to come to this game? Are you serious? I mean, even if you don't have a problem with the spell, its still just situational utility, at best. Not a gamechanger by any means.
Mass dispell
Death coil
Ice Block

All game changers
I thought pretty much every class' new ability was group-only, I don't really see that as a big deal. Same with the lack of straight dps increases (or healing increases for resto), it was designed for utility. The rest I completely agree with though, the long cast time is a pointless annoyance, and it'd be nice if the recipient had an easier way of finding their new ability to use.
Point 1 is valid but it doesn't matter because I do have enough utilities to survive alone.
I agree with points 2 and 3.
Point 4 doesn't pay well with moonkin in PvE but PvP.. :D
As for number 5, I think people will realize it soon enough or if you actually told them.
09/30/2012 05:08 PMPosted by Redbrik
It has absolutely no use outside of groups

Here is better humor about his part, we are not even needed for it.

Overgrown Lilypad
It would nice if we could just cast it on ourselves for an additional spell just for us. Especially when out solo.

I imagine it would just give you access to offspec spells.

Balance - Lifebloom
Feral - Regrowth
Resto - Survival Instincts
Guardian - Ironbark

Those are just some ideas but the concept stays the same, dps getting heals, heals getting survivability and tanks getting survivability.
Basically everyone here thinks the cast time is a pointless annoyance. I'm assuming they probably added it for PvP reasons. In PvP it can be quite easy to drop combat; if it was an instant cast people could change it in arenas and in the middle of battles. Specially if it's a night elf druid. They could Shadowmeld, cast it on a paladin, and then bubble.

There's a chart of the results for reference.

I'm thinking this spell isn't that great... I'm actually a bit disappointed, though I'm still kind of on the fence.

From a PvE perspective, you don't really get anything good except Feral Spirit. Soul Swap is kinda good, but most boss fights so far are just single target anyway and the 30s cooldown makes it not terribly useful for trash. I get one bleed swap and then that's it. It's not terrible... it's actually pretty good, but it's not great.

For the things I grant, the pairs don't really make sense to me. Why do I give tranq to a Shadow Priest when a healing Priest gets cyclone??? I get that some of these are good for PvP, but it would be nice if they made sense. Actually it would be even nicer if there was a PvP mode and a PvE mode, and if the abilities meshed together fairly well.

This expansion is supposed to be about flavour and choice, but this ability doesn't really make me feel that way. So far it seems that if I'm in a group, Sym on a Shaman is the best way to go for me and there's not really a lot of other options.

Other than this, agreed with the OP. The mechanics on this spell are kinda goofy and it needs to be way more obvious that someone has gotten an ability from symbiosis. As a feral druid, I'm not terribly impressed with our shiny new level 87 ability :(
A lot of good conversation here. I like the above poster mentioning that it's either them or us that get's the advantage and that there is no choice involved. I'd like to see us have an option to pick from 2 or 3 spells, and also have both the giving and receiving spells be beneficial at the same time.
I know why you can't cast it in combat but I will agree with the stupid 5 second cast time. Why does it takes so long when you can't switch 'in' combat anyways Blizzard? UNLESS I say it in vent to a guildie I simply can't get the spell off 99% of the time in a dungeon because of this cast time.
Sorry, this spell is simply amazing as is, to change what it is now would be considered too damn OP.








Keep it and give us ANOTHER spell in addition =3
i like the concept, and i have some fun with it when i tank, but the cast tiime is dumb, the out of combat only is dumb, but id be fine even with those...sorta, IF IT WOULD JUST STOP TELLING ME THE TARGET ISNT IN MY GROUP IN A 5MAN DUNGEON OR THAT THE TARGET IS INVALID!!!!
By the way, if I had to hazard a guess on the cast time, it's for PvP reasons. You can get out of combat in PvP, fairly easily if you're a NE or a rogue, so they probably don't want you to be able to just up and switch it on the fly in those scenarios.

That's just speculation though.

10/01/2012 09:58 AMPosted by Noonie
Sorry, this spell is simply amazing as is, to change what it is now would be considered too damn OP.

You're a feral druid as well as I am... I'm underwhelmed with this spell and you're obviously quite taken with it.

Read my post above, then post your own thoughts to contrast it. I'm interested in your perspective since, where I'm sitting, it doesn't seem like ferals get a whole lot useful out of it... at least from a PvE perspective. PvP seems like it's more useful.

Also, 'cause it's not always clear on forums these days, I'm being sincere and not sarcastic. Please enlighten me, perhaps I'm missing something? I just don't see a whole lot of options for me and/or value in giving it to other people. Looking at the table, I get one solid skill, one situational skill, and all the rest aren't very good. For giving, it's pretty similar... only a couple classes get anything terribly useful (as I'm seeing it). What am I missing?

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