Best monk names

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It's not clever or a pun of anything but actual RPish name+ i'm Korean so that makes it even better to me
Simple yet awesome.
I've heard..

Hadouuuuuuuken!!!! Shooooooooryuuuken!!!!!
<< the Fur!
Since I grew up in the 80's I tried to name my monk Longduckdong. damn blizzard wouldn't let me so I made Longduckdork. It worked ;P
<< the Fur!
This is by far the best I have heard, you got a small chuckle from me.

But seriously get those treated, I do not want any.
Tickle tickle.
09/30/2012 09:03 PMPosted by Panda
Brewmaster Panda.

What's this about Monk names?
What about Edvardmonk? (The painter behind the famous painting The Scream, Edvard Munch, the last name is pronounced the same way as monk.)
oh god the puns in here
Game over
Fat Cobra wishes to console his monkly brethren---if only they were gifted with names that bespoke power and victory such as his!
Im totally not useless at all >_>
<< jade empire reference

I follow the path of the closed houjin
I need to finish my dailies so I can get back to leveling the greatest named toon ever.
Mine with my "Salty" Title

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