Best monk names

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hmmm i like some of these
I love all the pun ones.

Boozelee beats mine :/
Rasalghoul Undead Monk
Gnome Monk named "Loblow".
gnome monks - represent!
Yadokai - Mythical Japanese monk who causes mischief.. That would be me!
BruisedLee. That is all.
I brainstormed with a buddy for a while before Pandaland on what names we were going to pick. Some of my initial names were taken but I ended up with this one for my Brewmaster. He ended up with Brewfio for his Mistweaver. Wouldn't have it any other way.
I am a huge fan of Jet Li's Fearless, so I named my tune Huoyuanjia :)
I am not a clever elf.
And i fly on a cloud
All you "Panda-something" derivatives are so unoriginal.
And yes I am a healer
KimJongHeals for a mistweaver...
<---- Actually a Samurai that developed the 2 weapon fighting style for the Samurai.
Too many people with panda or spec specific names. Panda this...brew that...walker this...come on now.

Best monk name: Wutang

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