Best monk names

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Brewmaster spelled phonetically according to the Mandarin pronunciation. Pijiu (brew/beer) Sifu (Master). I like it a lot :)
I was thinking Toomonk but i do too much healing
A good friend of mine's alt monk is Wokstar.
<- dwarf monk
I'm a koala bear....just kidding
Ya, you know you're like man I should have made an undead and called him Bones.
i like Mine >
I like mine... and I've seen monksfluffs and now fistyfluffs which are also cool... fumanchoo? I love how creative everyone got. I'm less big on "monk" than on the variations. I tried on all three servers to get Pandamonium or anything like it... now I know some of the folks who got it first. LOL
Mastaroshi wins!
Seen a guy with Brucewee the other day.
i thought long and hard about this
Mine goes with all my berri names. But the in game name like honey blossom make me want to change to something like berriblossom, cherryberri, or whatever. :D
Whats the deal with like 10 people named monk.
10/07/2012 01:34 PMPosted by Roadhouse

I love mine, Once i hit 90 i plan on making a youtube channel using the title of "the backwards monk"
Mine is the best :P
I liked mine at first but then my friend didn't make "lubuu" like we had talked about.

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