Engineering Discussion

Two questions to start us out.

1. Why does Engineering never get updated schematics when a new raid tier is released, when every other crafting profession does?

2. Why does our (admittedly sexy) MoP goggle recipe require so much living steel, when comparable items from other professions don't require nearly as much time or money to make? This is compounded by the fact that they are replaced by actual raid gear.
Well for one thing you don't have to get rep to be able to buy the pattern you can learn from trainer. Also you can at least buy the Living Steel but I can't buy my Spirit of Harmony. Leatherworker have to get rep with Shado Pan which means we also have to get revered with the Golden Lotus first before we can even start thinking about making our epics.
Living steel costs 3k+ per on my realm. Which is completely unacceptable, given how low trillium spawns are.
3k for instant gratification, again at least you don't have to get Golden Lotus rep and Shado Pan rep before you can even learn to make you're epic.
Having a craftable piece of gear cost almost 20k, materials wise, not to mention the cost of the transmute CD, is unacceptable. I would rather have a rep grind than that.

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