WTS name Bubble

as title says
make a offer or something pst me ingame
would like to sell it need the golds.
butt nothing.
make a pally or priest and call it bubble be a cool guy =\
How about... I make a Paladin and have it's name not be Bubble. :D
well u wouldnt be a cool guy then
Pandamonium is a much cooler name. You should sell that name.
wat if i dun wun b c0ol guy :(
guess u cant hang out with all the cool guys that have "panda" "qt" or something else about there class / spec in there name

tough times i tell u.

anyways off topic -
if i want to do recruit a friend and join the account to my name does that mean we get different log ins? or still same one? and can we both be logged on at the same time? never done the joining of the accounts before.
but dey r all glads n stuff 3:
nah not quiet there working on it

wut abut swifty tho? cen i chill wif him an b 2800+?
that might be to cool
o :( i jus' wan freends u kno :(((((((
=[ its ok ill be ur friend. want to dance and skip around in some water ?
ok <3333333333333333
ok name the place and time
122 sdyrghseruhyg sdfujigisuerg uyfgyusuegtfubsg

ok <3

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