Your feedback on MoP Mages

From a PvE perspective (yes I have a 90 mage):

-Level 90 talents completely destroy the enjoyability of the class because they force you to stop doing damage to do what is essentially self-maintenance.

-Flamestrike is a joke of a spell and needs a serious re-tool (instant cast or have a CD, but not both). It's like a double kick in the teeth when you run the Scarlet dungeons and see them hit your group for the amount it does.

-Fire AoE needs a serious look, having to throw a bunch of homogenized spells because you're target capped is not fun at all when every other class just goes "LOL I CLEAVE ALL!". Watching Blood DKs beat fire mages on AoE pulls when not having combustion up is just legitimately dumb design.

-Frost burst needs a nerf but I'm not sure how you accomplish it without breaking the spec for PvP especially with the reduced control the spec now has.

Overall, not having fun despite putting out decent numbers, considering playing my spriest even if it will underperform compared to my mage purely because it's actually fun to play, and priest spells look visually phenomenal in this xpac.
the 90 talents aren't nearly as bad as people make them out to be, if you think they are going to cripple you to the point of uselessness then you, plainly, out and out suck. whilst i'll admit it is fairly jarring having to drop what you're doing every 40 seconds to evocate, it isn't as bad as you guys make it out to be.

However now that i'm done defending a talent that no-one in their right mind can possibly say wasn't badly thought through, it does have a huge effect on the enjoyment factor of playing a mage, 'but what a contradiction' you say, no not a contradiction, before i said that it isn't a huge dps issue to have to evocate every 40 seconds, it is a massive enjoyment killer, all you want to do is go in their and slam that ugly boss in the face with your damage that could reignite a star, your whacking away, slamming him every time a brain freeze or fingers of frost proc triggers when suddenly you see the icon on your Tell me When bar for invoker's energy darken and you stand there evocating as the rest of your party continues smashing the boss to bits.

BUT IT GETS WORSE. so you've stopped enjoying yourself because you know it's a major dps loss to not evocate during this boss fight, so you begin to evocate and you get interrupted, and then the realisation dawns on you that you'll have to start the process again, in 8 seconds, a total operation that at best will leave you as dead weight for a minimum of 13 seconds and then the primal, bestial part of your mind explodes

I cannot agree with you more, the level 90 talents have taken most of the fun of being a mage with having to stop for that period just to gain a dps boost.

For Incanter's Ward to even be useful you need to be damaged, so deliberately damaging yourself just to get a buff for 15 seconds really isn't fun. Invocation as stated above, having to stop, cast it, wait 8 seconds, to just get interrupted or have an attack put under you that you need to move from then wait 10 seconds to cast again to happen again, same as rune of power, you put it down, boss puts an attack there you need to move and even wait 6 seconds.

I dont even go near Flamestrike. Id rather just use blizzard or arcane explosion. Its damage is poor and the CD is just stupid.

Fire AOE has got me the most annoyed and confused. Fire...spreads, therefore it should go to everything, but no, you can only have a max of 3 targets being effected by your dots (apart from LB which was always the case). Combustion, Ignite, Pyroblast only being spread to 3 targets, while we have warriors, dks, pallys. hunters etc all getting this massive AoE off. and yet, here we are down the bottom cause our dots aren't hitting everything like everyone else's. It really annoying me seeing tanks do more AoE then a fire mage.

Ive even thought of just making my Paladin my main now. Mages are just not giving off that magical feel anymore that they used to have.
Farming the 90's in the vale for skyshards... can pull about 4-6 mobs and kite around and kill them off with no real problems. It does suck not having imp cone and a massive cd on nova but i guess that's what my cold snap is for right... Bomb mechanic is great with fireblast glyph... Scoop up the mobs, freeze, bomb and detonate... blink through orb and kite... it's easy mode even with terrible gear...

The 90 talents I have only used rune, I find it really good. I make sure I put one down just before the boss fight and about 20 secs after, nice little heal constantly on me and dmg increase. Even PoM + rune eat if im chain farming mobs, gets me back to full hp and ready to fight again!

I haven't pvp'd yet... just been focussing on rep gains hardcore... Looking forward to seeing what comes next with the mage class.

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