Restoration Ascendance Help

I'm wondering what's the best healing spell to use with Ascendance, I think that it would probably either be Greater Healing Wave or Chain Heal or is it situational?

Ascendance is wicked by the way, glad Blizzard decided to give us something sick for once. :D
im not sure if chain heal works with ascendance since its already considered an aoe heal. i would bet that GHW is the best.
So far from what i tried/seen every spell works amazingly with ascendence. Also works with Spirit Link and Healing Tide.
But for the regular spells, in term of straight output the best spell to use it with would be GWH.
But personally i like to use it with chain heal.
lol you jk? when !@#$ hits the fan: AS + HR + HTT + SLT = G__G
Lol right blow all your cd's at once. Then you have nothing for the next pull or for the next boss ability in a raid encounter. Not mentionning that healing tide alone is more than enough all the rest would pretty much be overheal.
>Not running 2 Resto shamans in 1 raid
This is why you are doing it wrong
2 resto shaman its GG man GG
I pop all my healing CDs after the tank takes 1 hit from a critter
I haven't raided yet, so I can't really say what the best spells to use with Ascendance are in a raid 5 mans, I hardly EVER use it 'cause I don't have to LOL. I am sure I'll start using it more once I start doing Challenge Mode Dungeons.

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