LF Guild for Late Night Raiding.

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If you could handle 7 PM to 10 PM CST on Wed and Thursday nights we would love to have you =D.

If not that's perfectly fine and I hope you find somewhere =D Either way free bump for you ♥
I might be able to make those times Miyo. My work schedule has been changed quite a bit since I made this post. As far as I'm able to tell I have Wednesdays off and thursday mornings.

Thank you for looking at the post friend. :)
Well if anythings workable you can always send me an in game mail or message =).

Good luck!
Hey there mate, Burn Phase is an australian weekend 25m guild, we raid 10:00pm – 1:30am Fridays & Saturdays Mountain time. We were 8/8H in DS25 however we moved down from 4 days a week to 2 days a week and moved from 10s to 25s in july as the guild wanted a lower commitment raid schedule and a bigger raid size, as a 10 we completed 5/5H ToC, 12/12H ICC (11/12H in 25), 11/13H T11 (10) & 7/7H T12 (10) with 8/8H in DS (10 & 25). We are a guild with a proven track record and a long raid history & we're aimed at players who do not have the time to raid 4+ nights a week or players who do not want to raid 4+ nights a week.

We're interested in an enhance shaman as we currently do not have one.

If you're interested you can check out our website & apply at Burn-Phase.com If you have any questions feel free to direct them to me via real-id/battletag (The-dark-alliance@hotmail.com or Alemenara#1239)

~GM of Burn Phase
Come join the Wyldsyde! We are a close group and we are hoping to add to our core raiding team. Our raid days on on Saturday/Sunday 6 pm server. We hope to progress once we get our team completed.

Whisper Quindin or Greeley in game.


Hello There,
Fun House is a 10man Hardcore/Casual Raiding guild that WILL be Top 100 US in MOP Raiiding. We also will be doing competitive Rated BG's as well as World PVP as we become more developed. We are looking for dedicated/Experienced raiders who know how to play their class without someone holding their hands. Because we are a guild who expect our core members to be nothing but "Ranked" material everyone will be considered replaceable if you do not meet expectations. Although we expect our raiders to be 100% up to par on their skill level we still like to maintain an enjoyable raid and casual gaming atmosphere. We will begin raiding next week and are in need of the following classes to fill our core.

-All DPS (Except Warrior)
-1 Monk, Druid or Shaman

Note: If your role/class is not listed here please feel free to still message me or apply! We do not recruit for the bench, if you are recruited for a trial position you will be raiding.

Our Raid Times are: T/W/TH 9:30pm - 1:30am PST

Although we are fairly new, me along with the GM and other raiders in our current core are experienced players who have all once been in ranked guilds.

If what you have read here seems like a good fit for you and you are up for the challenge then please feel free to respond here or add me on RL ID.

Real ID: airforcepwns@hotmail.com

Thank You and Best Regards,

Puré on Alexstrasza is recruiting for 25 man late night raiding. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11:30PM CST to 3AM CST, which is also server time. We're looking for exceptional dps and still filling up to do be able to do 25s in this xpac. We achieved 8/8H DS last xpac.

If you're interested in talking or applying, add Jacksmiles#1744 or head on over to purealex.wowstead.com

Thanks for your time!

Hey There,

I am messaging on behalf of my guild Fun House from The Forgotten Coast server. We are looking for substantial members to complete our 10man core team to begin raiding Tuesday. We are looking for the best because we are looking to be Top 100US. We feel that you have what it takes and may be a great addition to our team. If you believe you have what it takes and are up for the challenge then please add me on Real ID so we may speak further.

Raid Times: T/W/T: 9:30pm - 1:30am PST

Real ID: maztaz999@yahoo.com



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