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Simple question: Are there any patterns or times that it changes at?

For example, every 10 minutes the game runs an internal check to see if it will change the weather in a zone. Anything like that?
I can't answer your question, so I'll ask another question...

What pets come out during what kind of weather? I've been looking in the pet journal and can't seem to find any pet that specifies weather. (Example: Restless Shadeling says "early morning" or Qiraji Guardling says "summer")

Silithid Hatchlings (Tanaris) are an example of a pet that only comes out during a weather condition. It says under the name:

Weather: Sandstorm

The rest: Arctic Fox Kit (Storm Peaks, snowstorms) and Baby Ape (Stranglethorn, rain).

I haven't reached Pandaria yet so I can't confirm any weather-based creatures yet. At first glance I don't think there is.

@Milkros: Sadly there isn't much information out there on what determines ingame weather or how long cycles last. Hopefully some crazy determined person out there decides to gather data for us :)

For right now I'm leaving an alt parked in those areas and logging in at random times to check the weather.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I've done, but I constantly keep thinking 'maybe it's raining now!' Every minute. :/ Stupid brain
Just finished the safari and as far as I could tell, there aren't any wild pets with exotic spawn conditions in Pandaria.

( there were however 5 pets in the achievement which don't actually show up in the journal when you catch them or get ticked off when caught )
@Maenia. Llama's alt, thanks! I'll start camping out at STV more often knowing that now. The elusive Rare Crimson Moth still pesters my completionism.
ahh remeber everyone going to the "zones" so see it rain when the new and shiny weather effects got patched in .....

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