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Moon Guard
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The world has grown silent once more,
The sound of his voice more a memory
Than anything real, and I ache with
Longing; what happened to our trust?


I want to hate him--perhaps I do.
When did he become the man who
Kept secrets? When did I betray
His trust? The fall begins again.

Two days I've waited for him to speak to me;
Two days I've longed for the sound of his voice.

But it is Silent.
And I am Angry.

And I am hurt.
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For You Alone

For you alone would I endure this pain,
Shatter my heart, and do it over again;
For you alone would I wear this mask,
Endure each day, complete each task,
With the burden of my heart buried deep
In places where only the shadows sleep.
And for you alone would I give my soul--
To know that you have been made whole.

For you, alone, are my heart's desire,
And you, alone, that to which I cannot aspire.
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There was no great reception at our return last night, but then, I suppose I shouldn't have expected it. There is to be a feast in two days' time--so the Shadow told me, after which he threatened to blackmail me if I revealed anything of him to the others gathered there. I wanted to both laugh and cry, but I was also angry--angry that anyone would so dare to threaten Father Abram and disparage his good name.

The people have forgotten what it means to have faith in something.

And I find myself disheartened.

A few nights past, I spoke with Lord Rahl about my decision to return here to this alcove and these people. And strangely I am grateful that Lord Talwind did not come to greet us last night. In times past, it would have been customary to receive members of the Church in person. In times past, we often carried news to those with whom we visited of the world outside of their own.

Now the people look to Shadows and turn their eyes away from the Light.

I considered abandoning my place here; I know he is meant to marry someone else. But then, as I was speaking with Lord Rahl, I remembered how it felt to lie awake beneath the stars and listen to the wind of the highlands. I remembered the evenings I would sit by the shore and watch the sunset alone. And I remembered a man's eyes in which I saw determination--a determination that held also disappointment. He longs for so much more, but I am left to wonder if he will ever open his heart to the people around him.

He loves this land in a way that sets his pain free, and even though I say that I have returned because of this cause (which is far more important than the Alliance can yet see), I remain here, too, for him--for those nights and those hours when he needs to be reminded of the love he tries so hard to keep out.

True, he will soon have another whom he will call wife, and true, it pains me to know that I will never be that to him. But if nothing else, I will be someone who sees the truth of him--and who longs to believe the best of him always. And there are few enough people in the world like that for him.

A Promise

And in your darkest hour,
Should night cloud the skies
And fog obscure the way,
Know that I am never far--

And should you call for me,
I will come with all the haste
That I can muster to your side;
For, you shall always hold

A piece of my heart, a part
Of my soul, and I shall
Always believe the best of you--
Even should all your ways be shadows.

This I vow.
This I promise.
This I believe.
We'll be heading to Arathor tonight. It's on short-notice, but might you guys be interested in some inter-guild diplomacy?
((Hey, Feren. :-) I posted something up on our forums for our officers to have a look at. Hopefully they'll have a chance to get back to you before this evening. If not, though, feel free to try and catch Alezander, Sylbor, or Avellia when they're online tonight to chat with them about this. <3 ))
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The Light's Own

As the airship prepared to depart the nation of Pandaria, Ardelena stared down from its aft railing, her eyes studying the hills and homes, the forests and streams that lined the coast. Her trip there had been for the Vanguard, but if she admitted it to herself, she had also wanted to get away from the cove and the people there.

It wasn't that she disliked them, but ...ever since she'd arrived, she'd had misgivings--about Annabelle and about her reasons for coming there in the first place without so much as a word to the Commander.

She could buy that the woman was hiding in order to help in the situation with Destrian Molanthis, but something else had changed--something that Lena couldn't quite put a finger on, and it had left her uneasy the whole while that they'd been stationed there.

She had done her best to keep her misgivings to herself--to let Hadrian's explanation simply be the one she accepted. But Lena had learned to trust her instincts, and her instincts had been telling her that something was -wrong-. It might not have even been with Annabelle. Maybe it had been someone with her. Whatever the case, however, Lena had felt it.

She disliked leaving 'rian alone with the rest of the camp at the cove, but getting away for a while had seemed best. Her focus had been clouded, and she needed some time to clear her head. The tea, the work, and the return to Pandaria had allowed her that.

Now, though, she was more than ready to return home. The thought of seeing Hadrian once more--of him wrapping his arms about her and holding her to him was the most wonderful thing she could imagine.

And so it was with a contented sigh that she turned as the Captain came up and let her know, "Dame Harper, we're ready to depart."

Lena nodded, following the Captain down the stairs. "I'll hold down one of the cannons in case we run into trouble."

The gnome captain had grinned and nodded. "Hopefully it will be smooth sailing today, but you're right. Better to be prepared."

"Always," Lena agreed softly before she added a swift, "Light bless," as the captain walked off.

She then headed over to one of the cannons and settled herself beside it--ready should the Horde come a-calling.
A letter arrived in the camp a few days later, ear-marked for Commander Locke.


It is with much regret that the Alliance High Command informs you that the ship carrying Dame Ardlena Harper has gone missing over the waters of mainland Pandaria. We are told that a fog bank rolled in from the north making navigation that day difficult. Once it cleared, however, neither the ship nor its crew could be found.

We fear that an attack may have happened and that the ship was run aground by the Horde, but so far, our efforts have yielded no ship debris nor bodies. To further complicate matters, our intelligence tells us that no Horde ships were scheduled to be in that area that day.

We will continue to update you as more details become available.

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He was crushing them beneath his claws and body--like they were nothing more than impediments to the meat we'd brought with us. It was venison; the new woman gutted the creature expertly, even as she fired her crossbow expertly. Had she not, these words might not be here.

I had stepped out of my hiding place to save them. I didn't know what I was doing; I hadn't thought beyond: He's killing them. I stood there, watching as a lumbering mass of fur and teeth came charging toward me.

Thinking back on it now, it reminded me of that fateful day in the mountain pass from the Wetlands. Only that day, I hid and then ran away. But on this day, I stood my ground--knowing what it felt like to be ready to die--thinking to myself, "It was worth it--for his sake."

He'll never know. And as the days pass, he seems to get further away.

But he wasn't the one who said they'd do anything for me.

Someone else was.

Someone else....


Silently you lifted your head toward the sky,
Howling in rage that no one could hear;
You ravaged the strangers that sought
To bring you down, but they were not
The true enemy; the true enemy stood
In shadows, crossbow raised; the true
Enemy was a girl who walked out of the shadows--
Distracted you from the bolt that ended your life.

The dagger plucked from your throat was silent.

Your howl is forever dead.
I have recently been named as a new officer to the guild. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding Blood of Arathor, I'd be happy to field them. Likewise you can reach me via in-game mail or a tell if I am online.

We are still recruiting for new members, and we do ask that if you are interested in applying that you do so via our website at: http://bloodofarathor.shivtr.com

We are more than happy to role-play with you before you become a member in the guild--just let us know you're interested, and we'll do our best to work something out.

While we have not sought out other guilds with which to ally, we are not opposed to offers for such, and would happily consider them. Please understand, however, that we prefer not to have to make other players in the game stretch their imaginations too much in order to accept our storylines within the game. That means that if we seek to ally with you, there needs to be an understanding that your world and the game world are not that different from one another.

Avelia has stepped down from being an officer, for the time being, as she is taking a break from leadership to pursue her own interests. We are grateful to her for the time and commitment she put into the guild as an officer and hope that she will return to us soon.

Here's to another great year of role-playing and stories. <3

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