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Bleeding Hollow
Hello all,

O.T.O just started up and we are a group of friends that enjoy downing heroic content while its still current. All raiders have exp from BC on in raiding. We enjoy doing more than raiding, we like going for achievements and mounts and titles. We love to PVP in all the ways blizzard lets us. We are currently looking for the following for our raid team

OT - Non DK - prefer a warrior but you might be able to change our minds
All DPS spots are open
We also have an opening for a Rshaman but that will require waiting on a current healer to lvl one of his alts.

Our current raid schedule is Tues/Fri 7-10pm eastern with clean up on Saturday if needed.

We are laid back and chilled, we enjoy good conversations. We offer all the normal stuff guilds do as far as repairs and stuff. We don't tolerate drama of any kind nor do we tolerate vulgar immaturity.

Anyone is welcome to join even if your not a raider or pvper. You can visit our website at oto.guildlaunch.com for more details or you can contact me in game at madman#1275
still need some good people to go kill evil stuff
Still looking for more, will be raiding ASAP

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