Is pvp completey broken?

I've felt as if Blizz has completely lost touch with pvp balance. They have given almost every class multiple stuns and silences and cc and interrupts. More than each class has ever had prior to MoP expansion. I play a lock, a druid, and a shaman. Im finding that in every battleground I get into I am constantly locked down from virtually every class, making it close to impossible to get more than 1 cast off on some targets. Is anyone else noticing that it is become increasingly useless to be a caster these days? (aside from mages and priests)
Fine how? Sure we can do damage like any other class, IF we are able to cast at all. My concern is that its getting increasingly impossible to get casts off now. Mages and Priests have gotten huge buffs in the cc, stuns, interrupt, and silence area. Warriors and rogues have multiple stuns and lockdowns now, more than they had previously. I just don't get the reasoning behind blizz giving classes who already have high damage and control even higher damage and more control.
I play on a daily basis. There is no new gear to be had currently aside from green/blue pve gear, and the crafted gear which im already working on.
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The problem you're experiencing stems from the fact that they pay absolutely no attention to what goes on in Random BGs. If it doesn't become an arena issue it will get no notice. Spending most of a BG rooted/silenced/slowed/frozen/etc is apparently fine as long as 3v3 isn't completely broken. Even then they'll let OP comps reign supreme.
As explained countless times PvP can't & shouldn't be balanced around BGs, which is full of bad players and unorganized teams. If it was then arenas & RBGs would be completely unplayable, particularly for healers.
Warlocks don't cast? When did this happen?

You are basically breaking this down to individual abilities, which is all good and fine. But you're leaving out everything else. You're leaving out the cd times for one thing, and the fact that many of those classes have multiples outs while their cc's/stuns/etc are on cd, the fact that they have multiple ways to close the gap. Nothing sounds overpowered when you break it down individual, but combined together is what is making so many classes completely broken and its the reason while some classes dominate pvp and make it pointless to play anything else.
As explained countless times PvP can't & shouldn't be balanced around BGs, which is full of bad players and unorganized teams. If it was then arenas & RBGs would be completely unplayable, particularly for healers.

I get that. I'm not saying pvp needs to be balance for battlegrounds but blizz should be considering other options to making classes viable in arena that don't include giving them more control on top of insane control they already have. Classes that have multiple ways to avoid damage while doing high dps don't need insane control. Classes that have insane control and multiple ways to avoid damage don't need insane damage. Classes that have low control and low ways to avoid damage should have insane damage. That, to me, is balance. Giving everyone everything is not balance, it's just lazy.
Amathy, I think you are missing my point. The way you are breaking things down is on an individual level. In a battleground setting, that many classes have that much control is ruining battlegrounds unless you are playing those specific classes. There needs to be SOME classes with control, SOME classes with high damage, SOME classes with survivability. Not every class being able to do everything.
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Kinda like Warlocks

Exactly. You assume that because I'm posting on my lock that I'm not including my own class? I'm talking about pvp as a whole and not with the exclusion of myself. I actually main a shaman, before that my warlock, before that my druid, before that my hunter, before that my pally. I'm not bringing this up for my own sake, but more for the future of pvp. Blizz is breaking pvp because they'd rather take the lazy way out instead of coming up with new ideas that actually focus on a real balance. Every class having variants of every other classes abilities isn't balance.
I don't see how any of that is contrary to what I've been saying. The fact that so many classes have so much control is what is making casters useless. Everyone is just locking each other down for literally the entire battleground.
Moonfire, sunfire, roots, cat form, sprint, instant proc starsurge, typhoon, the first teir of druid talents (forgot for now), etc. Coupled with the ability to keep rejuv up and moonkin are looking pretty good.

Also, as a caster you have to play smart. Running into combat is just asking to get focused, interrupted and killed.
Holy !@#$
I quit
i want to know at what point in cata warriors had high damage and control O.o mediocre damage and 1 stun isnt alot of control

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