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I feel like all the achievements i have tired for are bugged. Anyone else have the problem? Im doing the objective but not getting the achievement.
Yep, I should have gotten three, but didn't get any. I've seen a lot of threads with people having the same problem.
I can say from experience that none are bugged too badly. There are some bugs but you can work around them, the biggest two off the top of my head are the Ook Ook Achive in brewery and the "herbal tea" achieve in brewery. For the Ook Ook Achieve just keep hitting him with barrels, do zero damage and just use barrels, we had about 39 when we killed him and it was fine. For the tea achieve one of the hoplings falls through the floor to be unreachable, if you use the tea and immediately spam click (friendly v-bars help) you can get it before it falls through the floor.

In my experience any other achieves that you think are bugged you are just misunderstanding what you need to do.
"Get a combination of 8 players and Scarlet Defenders caught up in Armsmaster Harlan's Blades of Light and then defeat Armsmaster Harlan in Scarlet Halls on Heroic Difficulty."

We had 4 players and 4 adds get caught in it (the players on purpose), and didn't get the achievement even when the tracker said that it was complete and we could proceed to kill the boss. Not sure how I could be misunderstanding this one.
I haven't really seen any issues with them bugging out, and we have been trying for a good amount of them.

Did any of the players die during blades of light, pretty sure that ruins it.
09/29/2012 03:38 AMPosted by Djaxi
Did any of the players die during blades of light, pretty sure that ruins it.

No, everyone was up.

I'm not complaining, per se, I'm just saying that it didn't give me an achievement that the group did. I don't care about the meta, I'm just telling the OP that I've had the same problems and see countless threads about the same thing.


as always...if an achievement failed when it shouldn't have it' probably a pet bug. disable pets.

99% sure that caused it. you had a hunter or warlock or dk with ghoul/gargoyle right?

p.s. I don't know what the achievement is. but I know it's a pet bug. it's always pet bugs that get hotfixed first week of new dungeons.

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