Monk solo-ability questions

What spec would be best for soloing things like ICC, Cata dungeons, etc?

I'm Mistweaver main spec, for raiding and PvP, deciding on what spec to choose for just soloing content, Windwalker or Brewmaster?

I'm highly expecting it to be Brewmaster, but I want a 90 monks opinion. How well is self healing for Windwalker? And Brewmaster?

Sorry for the terrible english, I'm very tired.
I think at the current moment both specs are fairly close. Once we get in real teir gear I am pretty sure brewmaster will pull away.

Brewmaster is definitely a worse elite soloing spec at 90 for the time being.
Brewmaster has extremely solid solo capability. Windwalker's self heals are a little weak but may be doable depending on the fight. I have not played mistweaver yet, though.
Brewmaster is just outright a monster. Exploring what all I can solo..I've solo'd the level 85 instance(at level 85), I solod a level 91 rare spawn at level 86, and I plan to do a lot more when I finally roll over to 90. :)

Brewmaster is what you want for solo. AMAZING aoe dps, decent single target, great self-healing - a little more skill based than the DK I was used to, but still not overly difficult.
I'd imagine for some content, WW will be able to get through fine with chi wave and expel harm. Brewmaster will probably be the best for just about all old content soloing though, like others have said.

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