Pet Battles should be available via phone app

Pet Battles
I've very much enjoyed the addition of pet battles. I didn't think I would, but I do! I think it would be neat if I could pet battle from an IPhone or from a web browser so I could get a little battle or two in at work. Not knocking pet battles, but the interface seems simple enough to adapt to another platform.
I was hoping to be the first to post this. I completely agree. There's nothing I would like more than to be able to battle my pets while I'm taking a dump at work.
I'd like to add my +! to this as well. An iPhone ap that would allow us to pet battle outside of the game with our stable would be fantastic.

I'll even volunteer to program the front end.
I agree, maybe just as a PvP pet thing or something. Or battle random pets from the zone you logged out in, or the master pet battle NPCs
Definitely I would pay for this as part of the existing Armory app or as a stand-alone app. My idea here would be for one-on-one battles +/- 2 levels of the pet you are training. I really hope Blizzard makes a serious consideration for this.

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