Sapphire 5850 Xtreme and WoW

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I have the chance to buy a 5850 Xtreme pretty cheap.

It would be most likely a big upgrade on my current card an OEM GT 530 that came with my PC (Dell XPS 8300 i7 2600 3.4GHz)

I know it's a few years old but it still gets rave reviews. Would it be a good card for WoW on ultra or very high settings? Also would it be able to handle other games like GW2 etc on highish settings?

Thanks in advance.
You need a new power supply to be able to power that 5850.
Also check case dimensions.

How cheap are we talking about here, btw?

And yes.
Well its a 460w standard PSU. I know AMD recommend 500w for the 5850 but the Dells handle 6850/6870s and the seller runs a 5850 in his own Dell with no problems.

He's asking €90 (about US$115) but I'll try haggling a bit.
It will be an improvement over your GT530 for sure, in fact it stomps the GT530. The 5850 consumed more power than the 6850, but it was also a hair faster. See if you can get him to 80 Euro. Here is a comparison of the GT430 (530 is the same unit rebranded) and the 5850:

Even if you ended up having to replace the power supply, it would still be worthwhile, since your cpu is worthy of an additional video card upgrade in the future.
Wow, thanks for that link. It really does beat it. Plus that's the standard 5850 as far as I can make out. The Xtreme version should perform even better.

I'll definately get haggling. I was gonna upgrade to a GTX 660 but apparently there are compatibility issues with the 8300 motherboards, plus even at €90 its less than half the price.
I still strongly recommend getting a new power supply, but if you don't want to, that is up to you. Just don't be so surprised during intense gaming session, system randomly crashing / rebooting.

There should be no compatibility issues of any kind.

Yes, definitely haggle some. I'd try to aim for $99 or below.
Thanks for the advice. I'll go check out a new PSU so, just in case.

I've made an offer of €75, which is just under $99. Fingers crossed.
If you do get a new PSU, ensure it is 80 Plus Bronze certified, 550W ~ 600W, and being a modular is a big plus.
Ok, thanks for that. I'll see what will fit into the XPS 8300.

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