Is it just me?

I'm trying to level up my druid, so I can be a resto druid in pvp. Obviously questing as resto isn't going to work out well, so I went boomkin because I had no agility gear.

I feel absolutely worthless in world pvp. Just god awful. I put up my two weak dots on classes, which they ignore, and then try to cast something. The operative word is try. I get CC'd like nobody's business and get wrecked.

Is there anything else I can do, other than simply run away like a !@#$%?
I've actually been questing in resto and it hasn't gone too bad, and i've never been killed in world pvp apart from 85s.
You are going to experiance the same things as Resto as a Boomkin, maybe more (yes lots more). Meaning, people are going to CC you or focus you into oblivion (More so the latter in wpvp).

You have to learn how to avoid CC, fake cast (juke) and LoS. Having DPS around to "peel' for you is crucial as well.

Arena Junkies had some really good free wright-ups on positioning. I could go very indepth here about this stuff but finding guides and videos more skilled people have made just for beginners will help you more.

Just know there is something you can do! And this Los,juking, avoiding cc goes for All specs in All types of pvp. Its just more noticeable when you start out a caster/healer. This will make you a better pvper in general.

Ill see if I can find some cool stuf today and post back.
Own them man!

Mind you, they could have full PvP gear and if you're only just starting to level it may be a bit hard.

I personally only died once while levelling my druid as balance. Was killing 3 mobs and a rogue ganked me at ~25%hp.

We have wicked mobility now. Take advantage of it. DoT, CC, Run around, Burst, CC Heal. Easy wins? Or just CC and run bro.

probably a gear issue / learning :)

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