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Disc Priest seems to be one of the weaker healing classes right now for a variety of reasons. Disc Priest mana and survivability should be improved. In battlegrounds we go oom very fast and it is very difficult to survive burst. Here are my ideas to improve the spec.

Reduce the cooldown of Mass Dispel to 10 seconds and the mana cost down from 13% base.

Increase the cooldown on Spectral Guise and increase its effectiveness as a defensive ability. Maybe a certain amount of time in which the stealth cannot be broken 2-3 seconds.

Make the silence immunity of Inner Focus a part of the spell by default instead of having a glyph. The glyphs for mass dispel, desperation, sw:d, and inner focus are all very important to disc PvP and you will be missing one currently.

Reduce the cooldown of Void Shift to 4 minutes. Currently it is at 6 which makes it a longer cd than divine shield... I do like void shift but the cooldown is painfully long.

I would love to hear what you all think of my proposed changes. Post what you think or any ideas you would like to see changed for Disc PvP.
I've noticed all of the above, too. But what you must realize is that resilience makes a HUGE difference in how quickly you die. Earlier today I was getting whooped by a few horde, and when using my ruthless set I was relatively invincible (until I went oom). The build I use atm prioritizes survivability with a lot of mobility.

And yes, spectral guise seems to suck (rogues break it ezpz).
I agree with your suggestions. These are my thoughts which include yours. I don't use spect guise so I can't speak for that

a) make PW: D break poly again
b) Holy nova baseline
c) Inner focus immune to silence effects baseline
d) Mass dispel on shorter cd and cost less. Possibly via an improved version of the existing glyph
e) Give us a glyph that makes SS more useable in PVP. Something that makes it so that while SS is active we cannot be interrupted. This will increase its effectiveness in PVP but not hurt PVE (because it's already awesome for PVE and any buffs will lead to nerfs)

These changes will open up glyph spots that we can use to aid our survivability and other fabulous traits.

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