The Monkey and the Mountain

Wyrmrest Accord
A monkey, curious and bored, climbed to the very tip of a rocky peak to look down upon the world below him. He saw that everything was stretched out all around, like a painting placed there for his benefit, and this pleased him. He saw that there was no peak or tree that soared as high as his perch, that nothing stretched above him, and this pleased him also. He saw how small all the people going about their business appeared, and this pleased him most of all.

And so, being a monkey, he began to pick up the rocks from his mountain peak and hurl them down upon people.

He pelted farmers laboring in their fields, travelers passing by on the roads, townspeople pursuing their errands; all were subject to the monkey's malice. The cursed at him; he laughed. They pleaded with him; he hooted. They attempted to climb up and stop him; he pelted them furiously with stones until they tumbled back down the mountain, at which point he laughed, hooted, and threw still more rocks.

Finally people just began trying to avoid him, creeping quietly and quickly when they had to go outside.

"Yes!" shouted the monkey. "Fear me, silly people, for I am the Monkey King! The King on the Mountain! No one can touch me! No one is safe from me!" He pounded his chest and roared, laughed and threw worse than rocks. "I am the monkey on the mountain, and no one is higher than me!!"

And then he was struck by lightning and died.
He who has the sky above him should not think himself highest.
How nice.
Man, Son Goku was a #!#!@@## in the old stories! (Yes, I know it's not .... ah, whatever.)
This story pleases me.
But you're not a panda.

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