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I jus created hunter and imma gonna tank with it I was wondering which professions I should pick up
09/30/2012 02:18 AMPosted by Coldblodded
jus created hunter and imma gonna tank with it I was wondering which professions I should pick up

Not sure if serious? But just in case:

Hunters CAN'T tank, they are DPS only. If you try tanking a dungeon with a hunter you will wind up with perpetual wipes (repeated total party deaths) once you get beyond the first couple of intro-dungeons. Even Stockades (a level 20 dungeon) can be a pain to tank at-level, and that's on a properly geared and spec'd tank.

I'm hoping you just aren't sure what's meant by the term "tank" in WoW.

Tanks are characters with class/spec combos that give them abilities to absorb/deflect/reflect a ton of incoming damage without decreasing their health too much. They also have abilities that don't do much damage but generate so much threat that the creatures keep beating on them instead of everyone else (within reason, some DPS abilities will pull threat off of the tank if the DPS is not careful).

There are 5 tanking class/spec combos in this game: Blood Death Knights, Protection Paladins, Protection Warriors, Guardian Druids, and Brewmaster Monks. Everyone else is either a healer or a DPS.

All 3 hunter specs are DPS, the difference between them mainly boils down to how much you rely on your pet for damage, how many crowd control (traps, snares, slows) methods you have, and the Beastmaster spec has a few special types of creatures they can tame.

DPS is an abbreviation for "Damage per Second". In WoW it's a game statistic as well as being used for the class/spec combos that want to pay attention to that game statistic. DPS characters want to deal as much damage as they can, as quick as they can, to whatever creatures the tank is fighting as long as they make sure they don't get the attention of the creatures fighting the tank. It's also on the DPS to go after any creatures that decide the healer looks tasty and attempt to bring them to the tank.
Generally we recommend new players to take 2 gathering professions such as mining and skinning while they level and sell their mats so they can start a bankroll. You could also pair a gathering profession with a crafting profession that uses the materials you get from gathering, but you won't make that much gold until higher level.
Some hunter pets make very good tanks while questing and some are suitable for extreme soloing - e.g. downing dungeon bosses, usually accompanied by guildees or friends. Hunters also sometimes pinch-hit as tanks in LFG groups if the real tank dies.

However, Hunters in random dungeon groups are meant to be dps. One who tries to tank a random dungeon group is going to rapidly - and justifiably - be unanimously voted to be kicked.

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