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I have narrowed it down to a Hunter, Rogue, or a Druid. I will be doing PVE and like to kill fast, so which one do you think would be fun/better to play?
They are 3 completely different play styles. It's hard to say which is better/funner because it all comes down to what you want to do. I chose a druid because i plan to Tank/Heal when im higher level, but i like to have damage as an option to. Hunter is a good class for dps and you get the experience of pets. Rogue is a stealthy class so be prepared to get in some close combat. It's whatever you WANT to do, no "better this, better that".
Hunters find hunters to be fun. Rogues find rogues to be fun. Druids find druids to be fun.

It's an extremely subjective question. You'll have to give us more to go on if you want us to help you.
I've never played a druid, the style doesn't appeal to me. Out of hunter or rogue, though, I like my hunter better. It seems to do the "killing stuff fast" more efficiently than the rogue. But the rogue seems like it would be a lot more fun if I wanted to strategize and not run around aimlessly killing everything.
For a noob i wouldn't play a rouge. druid vs hunter its a tie i had lots of fun with both, also the rouge BUT with BOA gear.
Hunter used to be the easiest to lvl. not sure how it is now. its been a while since i played. on a pvp server a rogue is a blast to lvl.
Pushka, why did you narrow it down to hunter, druid, and rogue? If you tell us why you selected those three, it will be easier for us to help you.

And you aren't being specific enough. It's not enough to say "rogue," for example. You have to say what KIND of rogue you want to play. Which of the three specializations are you going for?

1. Combat: Dual Wield sword and dagger (or mace, or hand axe, or any one-hand weapon) and straightforward close combat
2. Assassination: Relies heavily on poisoning the enemy for damage and only uses daggers
3. Subtlety: Relies on vanishing, deception, and lots of lockdowns and stuff for defeating enemies, and also only uses daggers.

1. Marksman: Relies on boosting the hunter's ranged weapon shots to maximum and neglects the strength of the hunter's pet (majority of your damage comes from shooting).
2. Beastmaster: The opposite - relies on boosting the hunter's pet abilities and strength through the roof and neglects the hunter's ranged abilities (majority of your damage comes from the pet).
3. Survival: Relies on traps, lockdowns, and tricks to keep the hunter alive and damage enemies.

1. Restoration: The healer in the group. Casts instant heal-over-tim (HoT) spells and other healing to keep the party alive. Weak on offensive spells, so it's better at running in dungeons or battlegrounds with groups rather than solo questing. Eventually gets the ability to transform into a walking tree to power up healing spells.
2. Balance: A ranged spell caster. Casts a variety of offensive nature spells from a distance. Eventually gets the ability to transform into a large owlbear creature to power up offensive spells.
3. Feral-Panther: Plays like a rogue. You transform into a panther and pretty-much spend all your working time in that form. You can stealth and sneak up behind enemies and tear them up with a variety of claw attacks.
4. Feral-Bear: A tanking class. You transform into a bear and stay in that form for all your working time. This makes you tougher and more durable and able to take lots of damage. Ideal for people who want to protect other party members from damage in dungeons.

You see your statement of "I want to play either a rogue, druid, or hunter" didn't really narrow things down at all.
10/01/2012 07:04 AMPosted by Rhymetha
4. Feral-Bear:

This one is called "Guardian" now, the days of the split feral spec are gone.

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