<Brood of Helen Keller> (Horde) is Recruiting

<Brood of Helen Keller> (25), is a Horde guild looking to recruit members to build our raid end game. We have had success in every major expansion in 10 man Raids, and we are looking to branch out into multiple 10 man/25 man raiding. We aren't casual nor are we hardcore, we're more like something in the middle. We are experienced players and we expect people to be competent, but we won't tear your head off for making the occasional honest mistake (We're cool guys). The goal is to create an online group of friendly people who excel at what we do. We're looking to raid two to three nights a week for a couple hours each. Raid times will depend entirely on the times available for the group as a whole. If you're interested, no need to apply, just send a whisper to either Brahmabull or myself (Segra), and we can talk about more the details.

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