Official KJ Stream/Youtube Channel thread.

If you would like your stream/channel added please post it in the thread and I will update the original post as I can. PvE or PvP streams are both fine. The purpose of this thread is to compile a listing of as many threads/streams as I can so new players can see what we get up to on KJ and so we can help each other with likes/views/ect.

Aredone (pvp) (40 Boxer PoV)

Aurora (pvp/pve) (Priest PoV)

Bebbit (pvp) (Druid PoV)

PvP Arms War

Best Cutest Rogue on KJ PvE


EatMySheep (PvE) (mage PoV)

Ellumina - PVE Disc Priest POV

Endangered (pve) (Monk PoV)

Gdragon (HiJ Pve) (Mistweaver PoV)

Glink (pvp/misc commentaries) (Rogue/Hunter PoV)

(the) Huggernauts
(pve) (We stream Tues-Thurs 9:30 PM - 12:30 Pm)

Kevin (pvp, premades, arena) (Mage PoV) ( 2.5k+ Rshaman PoV)

Keylogthis (pvp) (Hpally PoV)

Lil Beefy (pvp) (DK PoV)


Mastriandis PvP


Requiem (pvp)

Ruinous (PvP)

Skillswap (pvp) (Warlock PoV)

Snikkers (pvp) (15 boxer PoV)

Spammer(?) (pvp) (Mage/Druid PoV)

Sparks (pvp) (Hpally PoV)

Telsa (pvp) (Hpally PoV)

The Flying Hellfish (Pve)

Uplift (Toothpaste Defense PvE Stream + More) (Mistweaver PoV)

Zaraki ( PvP -> PvE and guides from class guides, proff's, etc)
is this only for PVP steams ?
09/30/2012 03:09 PMPosted by Jabbabot
is this only for PVP steams ?

I will put any stream up PvE or PvP. I just primarily know pvp ones atm.
oh okay nice! ty sir
Pushin this to the top-Posts updated. (PvP)

Edit : wow that was fast (PvP)

Edit : wow that was fast

Just got a agi ring ninja'd by a dk so I was tabbed out looking for something to kill IRL and saw it 15 sec after it was posted, lol...
<The Flying Hellfish> PVE
<The Flying Hellfish> PVE
Done and Done

rank one gears videos from years ago
Spammer(?) (pvp)

Playing mage now, yup.
All added, keep them coming. Sticky this if you want to keep the streams where people can find them.
<Requiem> OQ CTA pre mades. // Hero of the Horde / 2.5k+ Rshaman
Bump for awesome threads.

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