Do you feel guilty when you call out of work?

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I sure do. I've been sick since Friday and was supposed to go in tonight at midnight, but I called out instead. That should be the end of it, enjoy my night off and get better, but I can't stop worrying about who is going to do what since we run a skeleton crew on our shift anyway. I feel like I'm leaving everyone in a serious bind.

Then rationality sets in for a little bit and I'm reminded people call in to work all the time, it's not a big deal.

Oh well. I'm going to try to enjoy my night off.
Not work for me, college.

Feels bad man. Even when I'm legitimately sick (ie fever), I'm literally burning 60$ away per missed class.
Depends on which manager I get when I call in.

Two are totally chill, one is always "yep, okay, bye." And the other goes for the throat guild wise.
I haven't been truly sick since I got a flu in 2008 that laid me up with fevers and terrible body aches for over a week. I was too sick to think much about work but generally I'd worry about it since I do both "regular" work and supervisory work so they have to get double coverage in that way. I usually take 2-3 days off around Christmas though and always feel some guilt over that.
The crummy retail jobs I've held have always been like this. They just don't hire enough people. So you get stuck there working more hours than you signed on for on days you're meant to have off, terrified to get sick because you don't want to let down the all the other poor souls you work with and make the manager come in on her day off or something.

After a while though, I just stopped caring. If they have crummy hiring policies that's not my fault.

(p. s is that where a semi-colon goes? I have been trying to learn how to use them better.)
You'd be better off using a semicolon on the last two sentences:
After a while though, I just stopped caring; if they have crummy hiring policies that's not my fault.

...Or at least changing the wording around "terrified to get sick [...]" because it would look awkward as its own sentence starting out like that. Maybe "you're terrified to get sick[...]" or something. I personally think a normal comma would work fine because you're still explaining the same concept, even though the sentence gets a bit long.

You don't really need to look for opportunities to use them, they're a fickle bit of punctuation that really isn't needed.
Ooh, thanks Lellex! That IS a silly place to put one, looking at it again.
If it is for a good reason then no. If I am just beating off around the house and don't want to work then yeah after a while I feel bad.
I am my own boss so if I 'call in sick' then the only one that suffers is me. Which is both highly stressful and very relieving at the same time.

When I used to work retail, though, I was terrified of calling in sick. I worked as a cashier in a large grocery store and the stuff you touch while working jobs like that is disgusting. People would sneeze into their handful of money and then expect you to take it. Babies would slobber all over everything and you have to pick that up. Not to mention the store I worked at was incredibly dirty, and they never had enough people on, so there was nothing I could do to fix that besides complain to my higher ups.
Of course, by touching all this gross stuff (and it seriously does not matter how much antibacterial spray you use or how much you wash your hands or whether you wear gloves or not), I got sick VERY frequently. Like once every two months, at least. At least.
So at this job, when you get sick, you can't call in to work because they're always understaffed anyway so your coworkers hate you. But if you don't call in sick, you're blowing snot all over everyone's groceries and you're miserable all day either way.

i feel a little bad when it's a job where i know they need x number of people and they'll have to find someone to fill for me

right now i'm able to work from home if i'm not entirely delirious, and we foster a culture of expecting people to keep their germs at home. i think it works out pretty well.
Yeeeeah, college here as well. Feeling guilty for burning money and all but... My work gets done, so I guess it's all good.
Hell no, I firmly believe that sick people should stay home and keep their plague to themselves. I have an autoimmune disorder. I'm sick as a dog right now cause some !@#$%^ at Gamestop coughed all over me.
As a person with an anxiety disorder and frequent panic attacks, yes. Even though the anxiety is occasionally the reason for calling out and/or missing out on events. I was supposed to go to events on Saturday, but had a massive panic attack instead and hid in bed for the rest of the day.

Irony: I manage the social media efforts for my workplace. -.-
I used to feel guilty about having to skip work when I did work. I'd get sick, be stuck in bed and be feeling ashamed for being unable to fulfill my obligatory work tasks. The chunk taken out of my paycheck would also be a worry/bother. Then it gradually got to the point where I hated working with my coworkers and bosses so much that I'd get into this, "!@#$ you rotten, selfish, disgusting people" mood and purposefully skip and make up an excuse every once in a while near the end of my working days there. So glad I quit. I'll never put up with working with people like them again.

Seriously, when you're getting yelled and cursed at by coworkers for informing a customer that they're about to buy a food product with cheese in it that's several months past the expiration date that could make them ill - when you go through the aisles taking things that are over a year expired off of the shelves and then are caught, yelled at and told to put them back onto the shelves for sale - THERE'S SOMETHING PRETTY WRONG WITH YOUR WORKPLACE. And that's just a drop in the lake of things wrong with that business.

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