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Bleeding Hollow
We are currently trying to fill our 10 man raiding team. We have our tanks, we just need people to bring out some dps and heals. Our times for raids will be on Tuesday and Thursday, from 7-11pm server.* We will also run older content on Saturdays for achievements and mounts.

Raid Team List (to be updated as we fill out)


Surin (Druid)
Shlep (DK)



Arluss (Hunter)
Blazincold (Mage)
1 Tentative/Undecided**

If not interested in raiding, cool, as we are open to anyone after a short interview. If we get the people (40+), I would love to run some WPvP, as long as we have a trustworthy group to do so with. I also wouldn't mind running RBGs and arena content, if someone felt up to the challenge of heading up that department.

As of right now, we are level 13, but we seem to go up a rank every couple of days, despite our small size. If you are interested in being brought in, send me an ingame mail or message, and we will go from there.

*Time may change depending on group needs
**I am not holding these 2 spots for anyone, if people join while my guys are still deciding if they want to go or not, the new people will be getting the spots

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