[A] Telos is recruiting for core 10-man!


Telos mostly consists of former EQ players and veteran WoW players. We are a social casual raiding guild looking for quality players for our 10 man normal raids. Our goal is to bring a fun and social environment to raiding. We are not hardcore and not looking for players that merely care about phat lewts. Our main goal is to down raid content while having fun and socializing. If you're looking for a social, easy going, helpful guild that raids then Telos is the guild for you!

We are mainly looking for people who mesh well with us and will consider any class/spec combo. While this is very true, we are looking for the following especially:

1 Ranged DPS
1 Tank OR Melee DPS(someone that can do both would be fantastic)

Must be 18+ and level 90
Must have DBM
Must be willing to use Skype voice chat(Zadan hosts the after raid !@#$% contest on webcam)
Must have a sense of humor (see above)
Must be willing to take constructive criticism and constantly improve your character (We will even help you if you ask /gasp!)

Our raid schedule is Mon/Tues/Thurs at 8pm-11pm EST. If you have any questions please send Kaprina, Inkle, or Zadan a tell in game or email us at Telosrecruit@gmail.com.
Bump! Still looking for a few more. RDPS and a healer would be great. If you can bake a delicious quiche, please apply right now.
Bumpity bump. Raid days set, starting Tuesday(10/16). Still looking for a healer and ranged dps!
Bump! Looking for a DPS with a tanking offspec and another DPS.
Bump for awesomeness.

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