Is this normal?

So I decided to spend a few days and level up archaeology to Pandaria level which 525.

As I finally got to 520 tonight and got Zen level...I am still unable to go to pandaria sadly. So i've been digging up !@#$ for the past hour or so at 522 archaeology and i've solved 5 tol'vir and i've yet to move atleast 1 point on the bar.

Is the 520-525 archaeology really really tedious with normal solves or do I have to get rare solves?
happened to me starting at 500 skill. this is bullsh*t, I thought the point of the recent changes were to make it easier to level archaeology, not harder.
I'm having the same problem. I'm at 514 skill level and both common and rare solves arent getting me any skill points. I heard it's a bug from a thread I made over at MMO-Champion, but I'm still waiting to hear from a gm.

I'll try and update this post once I get a reply.

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