Current fastest way to farm Justice Points?

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Hi! I am very excited about leveling my new Pandaren Mistweaver and I'd like to farm some heirlooms.

At level 85, I can queue up for Hour of Twilight, Heroic Dungeons (Cata) and Starter MoP Dungeons.

Since not all of these provide say, Justice Points per boss kill, I am wondering which is the actual intended most efficient method, as I can go back to playing my panda then :)

Someone please answer this. I'd like to know as well...
I can only get Valor Points for completing the Heroic MoP dungeons now, and I need one more heirloom to buy for my new toon. I'd really like to know if there is a faster way to earn Justice Points then just the little amount you earn off the MoP instance bosses.
The fastest way as of patch 5.0.5(b), is just getting honor points and turning them into justice points. Or, if you have a second character that's level 80 - 85, you should be able to get justice points from randoms, and 84(?) justice points each boss. A smart idea would talk to one of the people from the main cities and you can stop getting experience at level 85 (that's why it's a good idea to have a alternate), and just spam heroics until you are satisfied with the amount you have been able to get. Then you can just talk back with that person anytime, and begin leveling in Mists of Pandaria.
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Why did they decide grinding honor to get JP was the best route? This is !@#$ing PAINFUL.

Because JP is all but useless now, what with the gear being worse than the stuff you get from heroics.

Granted, I don't disagree that that's how it SHOULD be in regards to the item level and quality, but at the very least they should make the points a bit easier to get as a result.
I think bliz should allow us to choose whether we're going to get Valor or Justice points from MoP Heroics. A simple click box.

I may not always want Valor points--i.e. Heirlooms require Justice.

Same goes for daily quests.

Alternatively, there could simply be a vendor that exchanges Valor for Justice (I would argue on a 1:1 basis).

Bliz may want to encourage PvP at level 90 by making Honor the fastest way to get to Justice--but it doesn't really help: Often, you see poor folks in BGs who have little interest in PvP in their PvE gear--they don't use the Honor points to buy PvP gear--they use it to get Justice and Heirlooms. So, the PvP serious players get frustrated because the Honor farmers just want their points--i.e. you WILL get wrecked in PvP using only PvE gear--and thus often have to be "carried" by PvP players in Honor/Conquest gear (I do get Honor/Conquest PvP gear on my level 90s). The poor PvE Honor-to-Justice farmers just want to move on and never do a PUG BG again and get back to PvE.

I guess the other consideration from the game-point-of-view is that if there is nobody leveling from 1-85, then eventually, everything would grind to a halt as new players would have no way to level in instances with a group...of course...bliz could alter instances to be 4-3-2 person or soloable to fix may be less fun with only 1, but it could be done (did that rhyme?).

And Bliz--another thing you could do is make some more of the lower level gear more transmog-cool, which would be a motivator to explore more low-level content (search for Mankini post for example). In other words, for each expansion block (Original, Burning Crusade, WoTLK and Cata) have some cool transmog items worth leveling through for! (hint--lotsa people want a bare-chested plate-wearing warrior/pally/DK/melee/tank/DPS--like the old Conan the Barbarian look--with shorts/boots/bracers/helm/sword barechested Bwaahaha etc.--but currently--no can do!--FIX! lol)

Regarding heirlooms (I really wish I could transmog HEIRLOOMS!), for me personally, I don't really care if PvE heirlooms are 'better' or 'worse' than gear you can find, as long as heirloom gear is decent--but I DO care about the extra experience %--because after leveling several toons, you really don't want to linger in the Hinterlands forever...both literally and figuratively!
I just want something worthwhile to spend the JP on. I don't want anymore heirlooms or honor. I would take a BoE 450 though. At least then I can send those off to be DEed. Just to have to have JP cap out and sit there with no Profession materials to buy or buff food or silly farmville goods seems like a wasted aspect of the design.
AFK botting in BGs is the most efficient way to earn Justice points now. The really clever bunch of developers at Blizzard thought this through pretty well don't you think?

After the mess that was Diablo 3 and some of the design decisions these guys make I am more than a little concerned about Blizzard, who were definitely in my top 3 gaming developers. I'd like to know whats going on with them.
This should be a simple hot fix , and lets face it grinds aren't fun unless your gaining levels.
Twink at level 89 and spam dungeons lol?
5.2 will make so when you VP cap, dailies, randoms, etc. that normally grant VP, instead grant JP.
Dat Necro
What a necro.

Whatever, the fastest way to get JP is still through BG grinding.
i like this..thxs
What I've started doing since 5.1 is running Heroics non-stop (Don't do dailies; you can't get Justice Points from Heroics if you're Valor capped, which imo is a load of crap) and then killing the Lion's Landing rarespawns for the Honor drops. It's 375 Honor Points for 250 Justice Points (also a load of crap, because that's deliberately keeping players from gearing up for PvP and PvE at the same time) and the rarespawns drop 250HP per kill (275 with guild buff). They respawn every hour.

This works best on low-population servers where you'll have less competition for the mobs. If you can't solo them convince a friend to help.
this is really something they should fix being a raider I don't have the gear or tolerance for battlegrounds, guess ill just have to die a thousand more times till I get my looms.
OK YOU All seem to be into Dungeons, Raids and PVP. How does a quester and Explorer who is into getting (and I have)all Profs to 600 get Justice Points? All my Valor Points, that I nearly had enough to buy gear I wanted, have now been declared defunct. I think it is time to look for another game where pure questing is an accepted role.
The sad part is I help people that are Dungeoneers, Raiders and people who have little or no interest in getting their Profs up. I make things for them that they don't have the skill to make. I give them things(free) that they can't make or catch fish necessary to make. I don't mind being a helper but I wish there was a Realm that would be populated with others like me. I have 5-90's and 6 various other levels and so transferring to an RP Realm is too costly. I guess I need to contemplate my options and decide.
All the Factions that took Valor Points are now Trading Gear in excnage for Justice Points.

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