Collector? Missing something rare?

Area 52
I just listed a ton of hard-to-find recipes, designs, patterns, plans and well as some other assorted rarities.

Alot of them haven't been on the AH for ages, some might never be again, several are obsolete/unobtainable and getting scarcer by the day. So, if your a collector trying to fill an empty spot in that ledger, now's the time to act, because i wont be here long. just transferred here today to buy a few rarities I was needing for myself, will be leaving in 3 days to my final destination.

If you'd like to make a bulk buy please fell free to contact me in-game or just post here and I'll try and find you when I'm online. prices aren't set in stone, but dont bother offering up peanuts for things, I know what things are worth(I use TUJ, wowhead, wowuse etc..) to a greater degree than most.

The main reason I'm even listing most of this stuff is that I'd like to maybe snatch a tcg mount before I big deal if they don't sell, they'll sell where I'm going.

Thanks for reading that novella....
...selling like hotcakes. T-minus 2.3 days and counting till transfer, get em while they're here. Be glad to bundle a few for the forum dwellers, I think most of the ones that sold overnight were just passerbye's. Real close to first mount, next sales clinchs........picking up 2 mounts would be great, so go buy my stuff......:)

Don't like the price, make an offer..........there's everything from "greater stats" to "frost resistance" to 'icy chill" listed...most everything in between that's rare. I've been collecting them for quite some time now, a portion were actually brought to me in transfer from other servers. So basically, these amount to several servers worth of rare stuff over the last year and some change.

I should probably check which toon I'm posting with next time.....^^

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