My Town, It's On Fire Again

Might I make the suggestion to add non-attackable Shao-Tien Pillagers for this quest? Currently on a medium to high population realm, it's impossible to complete this quest which leads in to further questing due to everyone killing the Shao-Tien Pillagers before they can even look at a roof to light a fire. It has now been over an hour since I have been out here and no fires have been lit.
I agree this is absolutely terrible quest design. I'm not sure how this made it live.
This quest was not well thought out. It takes several seconds for a mob to start lighting a fire, but random AOE from several different classes leads to them getting tagged before they even start one. When the rare fire does spawn, a dozen people who are perched on the same roof all try to put out that one fire. They then need to sit for another minute or two and hope somebody doesn't roll along and kill the next several Pillagers to spawn. Repeat this process 60 times.

Basically, this is a giant roadblock when trying to do any daillies.

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