Automatic quest tracking

The quest tracking used to work so that, when I accepted one, it would automatically track it. Then, if I didn't make any progress for a few minutes, the tracking would turn off. It would reappear again for a few minutes if I did start meeting the objectives.

Now, if I have the "Automatic quest tracking" option enabled, it tracks quests indefinitely. Regardless of how long I don't make progress, the quests are always tracked. Even if I exit the game, they are still there when I log back in. The only way to get rid of them is to turn in the quest or manually turn off tracking for each quest. On the other hand, if I uncheck the option, it doesn't track quests at all.

I highly prefer the old method, but I don't know if the new method is intended or if it's just a glitch. I didn't find any mention of this when searching the forums. Any thoughts on this?
I was not aware that it ever acted in the manner you described originally. Perhaps you had an addon that would do that for you? If not, it sounds like an interesting thing for an addon to do.
I never had anything installed that I'm aware fact I can't even recall the last time I installed or uninstalled an addon....
Yep, I've run into this too. It's slowly driving me batty.
Really? So it's not just me? I was starting to assume I was just going crazy...
I'm having the exact same issue, I loved the old way now i don't track quests at all, thanks blizz
I found an addon called Quest Untracker that is supposed to stop tracking quests for you once you complete them. I figured this would make it a little closer to the way things used to be...but it doesn't work. At all. This whole mess is upsetting.

All I want is for the quest trackers to disappear after a while. I don't care if it's with an addon or through the Blizzard UI. I just don't want to see all the superfluous text days after I accepted the quests....

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