Bonus Cloth Drops - Always Last to Loot

I find the way bonus cloth drops to be pretty annoying.

I'm always lagging behind in dungeons because everyone loots, then I have to loot again. I guess I could just ignore it since I've got enough cloth now to cover Azeroth, but I'm hoping there's a better way to implement this. I'd rather receive my cloth at the same time as the rest of the loot and keep pace with the group.
Another issue (much bigger in my opinion, since my tailor is a mage and can keep up easily) is people not looting. Which I've never understood. I loot everything. Common food, greys, all of it. People refuse to loot, and my tailor misses out on cloth, players miss out on luck potion chests, and they miss out on tons of free money.
Good point, that, too. Contender's set sells well right now, so it's going to good use.

I've been using Burning Rush to keep up. If a druid hooks me up with Rejuvenation through Symbiosis, I just leave it on almost all the time.
Consider making a chat macro like this:

"Please loot all corpses. Even if you don't want to take the items off the bodies, please loot them."

If the other player opens the corpse's loot but doesn't take it, then anyone else tagged to the mob may do so. Then you get their free money, as well as your bonus cloth.

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