any advice for a new blood dk

Death Knight
as the title says, I'm looking for any advice help or overall tips and tricks that i could/should know to be the best tank i can be.
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just make sure you have read up on stat priorities, gemming, reforging ect and know your rotation. after you have researched enough you should be golden.

happy death striking
just make sure you have read up on stat priorities, gemming, reforging ect and know your rotation. after you have researched enough you should be golden.

Dis. Just gem, enchant, reforge. Search around the forums, there are plenty of guides out there. A big thing is using your skills properly (ex. vampiric blood+rune tap+conversion+death strike). Learn what skills go together and which ones dont. Remember death strike doesnt scale with the damage you do, it scales from the damage you take. Time it right after big hits to gain the most from it.
Starting out you'll be something like this:

Try to keep your dodge and parry as similar as you can, but don't worry if there's a huge gap between them.

Rune of Swordshattering is preferable over Stoneskin Gargoyle for the parry boost

Reforge everything to mastery, when you can't do that reforge to balance dodge/parry as much as you can

Spec to take the blood boil disease spread right away, it will lower the number of buttons you need and simplifies things a good bit. Pull use outbreak, then blood boil, then drop DnD, or use icy touch, blood boil, plague strike, blood boil to nab aggro quick before someone in your group starts aoe'ing.

Keep bone shield up as much as you can, it should almost always be up

It's a good idea to glyph vampiric blood to do more healing, and keep rune tap right next to it for a quick heal

Your rotation after getting your diseases/DnD up should consist of as much death strikes and rune strikes as you can, with the rest switching between blood boil and heartstrike

remember to keybind dark command AND death grip, they are both taunts and are both very useful

Do not think that your raise dead spell is useless, it is far from it, keep it near your dancing rune weapon and army of the dead in case a boss fight starts going sour, you can pull the aggro off of you and bring the heat with some nice bonus damage while you focus on healing up

Remember that you are going to run into a lot of people that pull way too early when you are leveling up. Icy touch and blood boil are great for this, because it almost always instantly gives you aggro.

Also, if you are having trouble with caster mobs, remember you have strangulate and death grip, which means that you can make 2 of those mobs come to you
There's some tips for ya' :)
Reniat's Tank Guide just got stickied. (in best Steve Brule voice) Check it out!
IMO gemming and reforging for Effective Health rather than min/max is best when learning until you can calculate your Death Strikes and defensive CDs properly.
ya what these peepz said.....O and spamm death strike, no matter what situation ur in that always makes it better....

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