Cataclysm/MoP Tanking for a DK?

Death Knight
Well just recently got into the 80's range with this character, and I wanted to hear from some experienced people on what to expect when I am tanking in cata and MoP for the dungeons (both normal and heoric), more or less so I don't go in like a blind bat and try to figure out which way is up or down :/

Also, for the starting dungeon is 50,108 hp enough, or should I keep doing the quests in hyjal until I get all of the plate gear it has to offer so that I have the max hp I can get around the area?

And this is kinda gonna be a debatable question...but when I reach lvl 85 (as I have yet to buy the MoP expansion pack), what type of gear should I be looking to get and after I purchase the MoP expan, how long should I expect it to last me for?
get some mastery and laugh as bosses try and fail to leave a scratch

isn't really helpful .-.
Bump to maybe get some more replies :>
It really is pretty much what he said. Concentrate on keeping your mastery as high as possible. Try to keep parry ~3x higher than dodge. Take Runic Empowerment when you can, keep 1 blood rune on cd and you should be good. Seriously, just keep that model and it's cake until the end. If something is presenting itself as a little tough just learn to use DS to anticipate damage or help heal yourself after the fact. Don't wildly throw your runes out to DPS as that's not your job.

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