Best meta gem for arcane mages?

Title says all, I have +216 and 3% critical effect but I don't think that's the best for me, would ember (216 intellect and 2% maximum mana) be better?
Not better. Not even close. It was weaker when mana pools weren't fixed, and it's even weaker now.
Depends on your crit % and playstyle I would think? I play my arc with a lot of haste and mastery so mana might win out for me. Although 4k is kinda meh with the new fixed pools, still with low crit, both seem kinda underwheming?

If you're running higher crit, the crit would definitely win out, also if you're chugging mana and not utilizing mastery as much then definitely crit.
No it does not depend on playstyle. Higher crit is better.
10/02/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Gobias

This word needs to disappear from the vocabulary of every WoW player that is not awful.

There is no such thing as playstyle. The extent of "playstyle" in this game is choosing what spec to play. Beyond that, there is a right and a wrong, and in this case the 3% crit gem is right. You cannot come to a raid with the wrong gem, say it is playstyle, and hope to be taken seriously. I think I'll spec Invocation for the Evo CD, and then just spam AB and Evocate all fight.

Wait. That damage is bad? But its my playstyle!

No. If you want playstyle, go play Rift.

We don't have playstyles in WoW, we have rotations.

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