Looking for 2200+ Healer to run shadowplay

Thorid and I are looking for a 2k+ healer preferably druid, paladin, or shaman to play with during arena season 12 on Maelstrom, looking to run shadowplay, or Hunter/Lock. If interested PST myself (Poseidonz) and we can discuss any questions or concerns you might have. Myself and Thorid have played together for 6 years and have had teams above 2200 every season, but maelstrom lacks competent healers at the moment therefore we need YOU!
I'd be down, should be 90 later in the day.
Come speak with me on maelstrom :)
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Bump! Still looking for a healer!
10/12/2012 04:28 PMPosted by Twitterpoke
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ironic idiot
I was talking about myself.

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